2016 Christmas Gift Catalog

Give Gifts That Matter.

This Christmas, Give Love.

Christmas is the best time of the year for sharing the love of Jesus with little children. The gifts in this catalog are a wonderful way to make that happen. Each item will bring help to the poor, care for the afflicted and love for the little children… just as Jesus would have us do.

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  • goat

    This gift of goats provides a family with milk, meat, and future income. Help a family get back on their feet by starting them off with a small herd.

    Suggested Price: $255.00
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  • bibles

    Give a child the Living Word! These Bibles in each child’s own language help them learn about Jesus and grow in their faith.

    Suggested Price: $10.00
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  • Immunization

    An estimated 18.7 million infants worldwide are not receiving the basic vaccines they need. The gift of immunizations will help a child avoid deadly illnesses and diseases.

    Suggested Price: $35.00
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  • With this gift of a soft mattress, a cozy blanket and a treated mosquito net, you’re giving the gift of a good night’s sleep. After snoozing soundly, kids will wake safe and alert, ready to focus in school.

    Suggested Price: $73.00
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  • For many children in Haiti, the lunch they receive is the only meal they will get all day. A nutritious lunch helps a child to concentrate on their studies and improve their chances for a better future.

    Suggested Price: $30.00
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  • tablets

    Deworming tablets are an effective and inexpensive way to protect children from discomfort and illnesses caused by intestinal parasites. You can protect 50 children for just $52.

    Suggested Price: $50.00
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  • chicken

    For families with very little land or resources, raising chickens is a great source of food and income.

    Suggested Price: $50.00
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  • pigs

    Animals like pigs provide families with nutritional food to feed their children while also bringing in additional income as the piglets grow and have piglets of their own.

    Suggested Price: $160.00
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  • sewing-machine

    With this gift, new graduates and single mothers – or even grandmas – can make money to support their children, right from their own home!

    Suggested Price: $156.00
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  • water

    Waterborne diseases kill more children each year than AIDS, malaria and measles combined. Help save lives by providing clean, safe drinking water to children and their families.

    Suggested Price: $2,400.00
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  • lantern

    Light up the night! This solar lantern helps children get their homework done and succeed in school

    Suggested Price: $15.00
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  • Each Girls’ Hygiene Pak includes a toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, and sanitary pads. With this gift, you’re not just giving a young woman the tools she needs to take care of herself, you’re encouraging her and helping her focus on other important things – like her studies!

    Suggested Price: $14.00
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  • cart

    The gift of a pushcart provides a needy mother with income to feed her children. Through her contributions to pay off half of her cart, she will also be able to help another mother in need start her own business!

    Suggested Price: $250.00
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  • mosquito-net

    Over one million people die from malaria each year. Providing a simple mosquito net will help children sleep peacefully, knowing they are protected.

    Suggested Price: $16.00
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  • A package full of nutritious food and basic hygiene items helps a family in crisis get through a very difficult time.

    Suggested Price: $30.00
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  • shoes

    Millions of children go to school, fetch water, and work in the fields in bare feet. But with this gift of new shoes and socks, you can keep their little toes safe, warm and infection free!

    Suggested Price: $27.00
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  • equip

    Help a child learn more about Jesus at a church in Kenya or Uganda. The Christian Character Building curriculum will equip them to become future leaders of integrity and hope.

    Suggested Price: $80.00
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  • cow

    From milk to meat, to beast of burden, cows are incredibly versatile sources of food and income. The gift of a cow can transform a family’s future.

    Suggested Price: $388.00
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  • backpack

    It’s back to school time! From paper and pencils, to rulers and calculators, this backpack full of school supplies has everything a child needs to succeed in school!

    Suggested Price: $23.00
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