2019 Christmas Gift Catalog

There’s nothing better than sharing the hope of Jesus’ birth – the best gift of all – with kids around the world! And every item in this catalog does just that, bringing not only help for today but also hope for eternity.

How will you share hope this Christmas?

Featured Gift


Bibles are a “luxury” for poor families simply trying to survive. Often multiple families must share a single Bible. But for just $16 you can give a child their very own Bible to help them grow and learn about Jesus....

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A Good Night’s Sleep

With this gift of a cozy blanket, and a treated mosquito net, you’re giving a child a good night’s sleep – the key to health and success! After snoozing soundly, kids will wake safe and alert, with the energy their...

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Featured Gift

School Lunch

Over 66 million children go to school hungry every day. Imagine trying to focus on learning while your stomach aches from hunger. With this gift, you’ll provide a month of healthy lunches to feed a hungry child, as well as...

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Deworming Tablets

Stomach worms plague developing countries, affecting children worst of all. It costs so little to save a child from the terrible pain caused by intestinal parasites. Just $5 will provide a full dose of medicine to rescue a child from...

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Coop O’ Chickens

Each Coop O' Chickens includes a rooster and four healthy hens. The hens start laying eggs right away, providing a vital source of protein. For families with little land or resources, chickens are a great source of food and income....

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Double the Good

Still looking for the perfect gift for the hard-to-shop-for people on your list? Why not give a gift from this catalog in their name to Double the Good?

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Water Catchment System

Dirty water doesn’t just make children sick, it destroys productivity and enslaves people in life-long poverty. But you can break the cycle! Build a water catchment system that provides safe water for 200 people or more, right at their local...

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Solar Lantern

Light up the night! When electricity is a luxury, children have to get their homework done before the sun sets or not at all. But with this lantern, they can study as long as they need to without straining their...

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Girls’ Hygiene Pak

Give a young girl the gift of cleanliness! For women living in poverty, managing their period presents numerous health and hygiene risks. What’s worse, feminine hygiene is one of the biggest issues preventing girls from staying in school. But with...

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Mosquito Nets

Beat the buzz! Mosquito nets are one of our most powerful tools in fighting deadly diseases like malaria and yellow fever. These specially treated mosquito nets repel the pesky, dangerous bugs, while keeping kids safe and snug in their beds....

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Critical Care Pak

Every 10 seconds, a child dies from hunger and hunger-related diseases. But your gift of a Critical Care Pak provides healthy food for the whole family! Beat hunger with beans, rice, oil, and other staple foods, to keep meals on...

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Happy Feet Pak

Something as simple as a pair of shoes and socks can enable a child in need to attend school! In most of the places we serve, school uniforms are mandatory. If a child doesn’t have shoes and socks they may...

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Home Sweet Home

In poor communities, many families live in make-shift shelters of corrugated metal and scrap wood. But for $2,500 you can give a family a new start in life. With a stable foundation, solid walls, and even electricity, this is a...

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Featured Gift

Household Water Filter

These buckets are the key to long-lasting, life-saving clean water! Simply pour muddy water, full of parasites and bacteria, in the top and wait for the charcoal filter to do its work. Then, turn on the tap to see clean,...

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Play Pak

Give the gift of fun! This box of games and sports equipment transforms each Life Center into an exciting and inviting environment for kids to encounter Jesus. Space for play helps prepare young minds to engage fully with the Bible...

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Starfish Medical Fund

Your gift to our Starfish Medical Fund provides critical medical care for children whose families can’t afford it. From casts for broken legs, to life-saving surgeries, to crucial antibiotics, the Starfish Fund restores health to children in desperate need. $100...

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Help a Child’s Faith Grow

Send a child to a Life Center to introduce them to the best gift of all: Jesus! At our Life Centers, children meet weekly for a day of fun, but more importantly, for a day of discipleship. Through Bible study,...

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Medical Camp

Many poor families don’t have access to even basic medical care, but your gift brings the doctors to them! It costs just $550 to put on a medical camp for a poor community. Each camp serves about 125 people, allowing...

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Fill the Gap – Catalog

Sometimes a child loses their sponsor. When that happens, we can’t bear to see their education or discipleship interrupted. Your gift will “fill in the gap,” supporting a child until a new sponsor can be found. Thanks to you, they...

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Make a House a Home

Share in the cost of building a house! Your gift helps us provide not just a building, but all the extra touches that make a house a home. Beds, chairs, blankets, and even pots to cook with, will help a...

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