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Why Water? May 8, 2017

Here at Childcare Worldwide, we care a lot about clean water. It is imperative that the kids we serve have access to safe water. The cost of not meeting this basic need is simply too high.

A group of Kenyan children splash and play in a cistern of clear water.

Children in Kenya get excited about clean water too!

Here’s a look at the top 5 reasons why clean water is important:


Childcare Worldwide in the News April 26, 2017

We made the news! Childcare Worldwide was recently featured in an article on Public Radio International!

As the drought in Kenya worsens, Childcare is on the ground, bringing food and water to the neediest families in the area. Reporter Katie G. Nelson joined Michael Wafula, our East Africa Director, and his team on one of these distribution trips. Katie got to see first-hand the people we are helping and the needs they face.  (more…)

Childcare Family steps up to help families in Baringo April 11, 2017

Over the past two months, we have been working hard to help families in Baringo, Kenya survive the extreme drought. We’re proud to report that you have all stepped up in a big way to make a difference!

These children happily clutch some of the gifts from their emergency food pak!

We’ve already done eight different food and water distributions throughout Baringo. By offering ongoing support, we’re helping 300 of the neediest families to survive! And more distributions are on the way! (more…)

From the Field: Famine in Baringo March 3, 2017

The ground in Baringo, Kenya is all dried up and the children are suffering.

Just last year, when I visited Baringo, I had to drive through a stream to get there. I remember it vividly because they let ME drive the van – I had so much fun on my “off-roading” adventure! But when I visited a couple weeks ago there were no streams. The whole area was bone dry.

Baringo is entering their 4th year of drought, and the people are desperate for food and water. That’s why I was there this time: to deliver Emergency Food Paks to help families in need survive this famine.


Rumors of a witch October 24, 2016

“Did you hear?” a woman asked one of her neighbors in a shabby street of a Kenyan slum.

“Hear what?” the other asked eager to hear the latest gossip.


This brave mother has endured much in her life.

“I heard it from a woman five houses down,” the first one said with an air of importance. “I don’t know where she got the news but she said it is from a reliable source.”

“What is it? What is it? Tell me!”


From the darkness of fear to the light of hope September 8, 2016

Imagine you are a young girl, just 17 years old. You live in a remote area of Kenya that is often impassable to vehicles. Sometimes, in the quiet of the evening, you dream about your future… a husband, children, and a good vegetable garden just outside your house. Or if you do well in school, maybe a career.


Then one day, everything changes. And your dreams lie shattered like broken glass on the floor.


Annette’s Trip Cliff Notes May 30, 2016

This is the last blog in our #GoBeyondHope Series, featuring on-the-ground updates from Annette and Nathan as they visit our ministry locations in Kenya and Uganda.

Hard to believe but our 3 weeks in Africa have come to an end. It has been a trip full of surprises and blessings. There has been laughter, but I have also shed tears and held hands with those I have encountered that have been suffering. I have been both moved and touched by so many people. Here are some highlights of the trip that I will take home with me.

Devotions with our staff in Kenya

Devotional time with our office staff in Kenya and singing hymns together with them. What beautiful voices they have! (more…)

All in a day’s drive May 24, 2016

When it rains in Kenya, the roads become a MESS.

We went to visit Kiserian in western Kenya, and discovered part of the road had turned into a river! Another section of the road was simply a giant mud pit. Now we know why our field staff put so much wear on their vehicles! These roads aren’t great to begin with, but after a heavy rain there might as well not be any road. Can you imagine? Navigating these roads is just another day’s work for our staff in Kenya.  (more…)

A trip to the dentist May 19, 2016

This is the next blog in our #GoBeyondHope Series, featuring on-the-ground updates from Annette and Nathan as they visit our ministry locations in Kenya and Uganda.

Elizabeth's mud house in Kenya

Elizabeth, at her home in Kenya

How many times have you been to the dentist? From the time our first tooth broke through, most have us have had our teeth incredibly well taken care of. We have dental insurance. We get our reminder post card in the mail every six months, and our dental hygienists find any problems before they even start to hurt us. We take our great teeth for granted. But not everyone is so lucky. (more…)

Giving Goats! May 16, 2016

This is the first blog in our #GoBeyondHope Series, featuring on-the-ground updates from Annette and Nathan as they visit our ministry locations in Kenya and Uganda.

African Road

Coming back to Africa has been great! Right from the get go, when you step off the plane, you’re surrounded by the familiar and pleasant scent of Africa… like a mixture of dry grasses and wood smoke. It always puts a smile on my face.

It has only been a few days but already we have seen so much. Where do I start!? (more…)