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Sugar and ice, and everything nice August 17, 2016

Jonatha lives with her father and godmother in the poverty-stricken area of Delmas, Haiti. They do the best they can to provide for this little girl and themselves, but when you are poor, you often have to “think outside the box” to put food on the table. The task of providing can take all of your time, so that there is very little left to bring a bit of joy and happiness into a child’s life. Think about it. Children living in poverty often don’t have the sweet luxuries of curling up to hear mommy read a story or rough housing with daddy. There simply is no time for that.


Jonatha loves coming to the Life Center where she can sing and learn together with her friends.

Sadly, this is the case for Jonatha. Her father and godmother leave their hut early in the morning to sell ice and small bags of sugar on the streets. Often they do not return home until late.


A boy named MyLove February 9, 2016

Imagine. You live in a country that is riddled with political unrest. Food is hard to come by and jobs are few and far between. People everywhere are dispirited and wear perpetual sadness on their faces – a sadness that betrays a hard life.


Enter a boy named MyLove. Such an interesting name. Just saying it makes you smile. Just saying it makes you think the world can’t be all bad. That even in an unstable and fragile country like Haiti, there is hope.