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The best gift of all! November 5, 2018

When Caroline went to her Christmas Love Pak party last year, she didn’t know her life was about to change forever. All she was thinking about was getting out of the house for a few hours.

At the time, Caroline was just 15, and she was deeply depressed. Which was no surprise, given all she was dealing with at home. Her beloved mother had passed away a few years ago, and Caroline was still grieving.

When her mom died, Caroline had to take on a lot of extra responsibility. She is now the sole care-giver for her sick auntie. They can’t afford a good doctor, so they’re not sure exactly what’s wrong. All Caroline knows is that her aunt is too weak to walk. Caroline has to help her with everything – she cooks her meals, cleans the house, even helps her aunt outside to the toilet. Can you imagine? And they only have a pit in the ground – Caroline has to help her aunt crouch down over the pit, and then pull her back up. Good thing Caroline is strong for her age!


A Hopeful Lunch August 24, 2018

The best part of six-year-old Valeria’s day is lunch break!


Over the cliff June 21, 2013

I’ll never forget the day my uncle drove us off a cliff.

First of all, you have to understand my uncle. He’s a six-foot-something farmer, with hands like a catcher’s mitt and the typical farmer-tan that he wears proudly. He works hard, talks loud, laughs loud, and is unapologetic about his opinions. A real old-school man’s man.


When we were younger, every year, we’d visit his farm and stay the week at his cabin by the lake—definitely my favorite summer trip. One year, my Uncle invited my older brother, my dad, and me to take a drive with him around his property. So we all crammed into his truck, my brother in the middle and, because I was still small, I fit on my dad’s lap. (more…)