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5 Ways to Give without Breaking the Bank December 4, 2018

Christmas is coming! And with it, the season of giving! But between your Christmas list, big family meals, and trips to visit far-flung relatives it can also be a season of budgeting and stretching every dollar. You want to give generously, but sometimes it seems impossible to balance generosity with family obligations. Pretty soon what should be a season of joy becomes a season of overwhelming stress.

Don’t stress! We’ve got you covered with our list of top five ways to give more without spending more!

Two young Peruvian girls leaning against each other and smiling for the camera. (more…)

Thank you from the field June 23, 2017

This spring, you gave us a powerful reminder of just how incredible the Childcare Worldwide family is. We came to you with a huge need – the drought in Baringo, Kenya was devastating families, and people were dying. But what happened after that is a clear miracle!

Listen to Michael, our director in Kenya, explain just how important your gifts were to the people on the ground:


Childcare Family steps up to help families in Baringo April 11, 2017

Over the past two months, we have been working hard to help families in Baringo, Kenya survive the extreme drought. We’re proud to report that you have all stepped up in a big way to make a difference!

These children happily clutch some of the gifts from their emergency food pak!

We’ve already done eight different food and water distributions throughout Baringo. By offering ongoing support, we’re helping 300 of the neediest families to survive! And more distributions are on the way! (more…)

Give the Gift of Giving! October 12, 2010

Our Christmas Gift Catalog embodies the spirit of giving that is cherished by many as Christmas time approaches. It is filled with small and large gifts that will bring survival and tools to help break the cycle of poverty.

Whether you’ve flipped through the Christmas Gift Catalog or seen it online, we would deeply appreciate it if you would share the catalog with your family, friends and anyone else who would be interested in transforming a child’s life this Christmas.

There are a couple of easy ways to share the spirit of giving through our Christmas Gift Catalog. You can share a short video with your friends on Facebook, direct them to the catalog online or request several catalogs in the mail to give out in person. Just send us an email with your address and we’ll be happy to provide you with as many as you need!

We need your help in order to reach even more children. Would you please share this year’s Gift Catalog with a friend? Thank you for spreading the spirit of giving!