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Hungry, embarrassed, exhausted, late April 10, 2019

Nerious is a lot like most 12-year-old girls you’ve met. She is full of life. She’s trying to figure out who she is, and what her place in the world is. She can be really shy, and easily embarrassed. Nerious loves a good story – her favorite subject is English. And she wants to be a doctor when she grows up.

But Nerious lives in Kenya and her family is poor.

That means her life is so much harder than most 12-year-olds’. You see, Nerious’ dad died (more…)

Relying on the Land March 29, 2019

This April, the Childcare Worldwide family is embarking on a prayer journey. For 30 days, we’ll be praying for God’s blessing and provision for the hungry children and families we serve around the world. To start us off, Charles, our Director in Uganda is here to share about his own experience with hunger and what it looks like for families today. For more content like this, and to add your voice to 30 Days of Prayer, sign up here.


42 years ago, I was born and raised in Buganda, Uganda, a region which was known predominantly as an agricultural region: a food basket and economic power house for Uganda. We would enjoy at least three meals a day, a heavy breakfast at 10am after gardening, lunch at 2pm and dinner at 8pm. Food was always in surplus to accommodate even visitors.

During our primary school times, our mothers would preserve some of the food which we would carry to school for our breakfast and lunch. This was typical of every household because homes produced more than enough food. Almost every household had fruits like mangoes, jackfruits, lemons, passion fruits, (more…)

Taste the World March 8, 2019

Have you ever wondered what your sponsored child eats in an average day? What does dinner look like for the families we serve? Today, you can experience it for yourself! Join us on a culinary adventure, as we share recipes with you from around the globe!


To start things off, here’s an appetizer for you from Uganda. Matooke (pronounced muh-TOE-kay) is the staple food in Uganda. It’s made from a type of starchy banana that is similar to a plantain. “Matooke” can mean either the dish or the bananas it’s made from. This is a dish that’s hard to recreate in America, but we’ll give it a try! You’re unlikely to find matooke in your local grocery store, but many international markets carry plantains, which work well as a substitute.


Meet Stessy February 15, 2019

Meet Stessy!

Meet Stessy. This precious four-year-old lives in Haiti. Her home is literally a tent.

And it’s not even a nice tent… their “tent” is actually a combination of tarps and sheets propped up on sticks. There’s a bed at the back, a small pile of dishes in the corner, a wooden table and a small stove set carefully in the open space on the ground in the middle. And that’s it. Can you imagine?

At night Stessy’s mom, Widelène, takes a piece of corrugated metal and props it over the tent’s “door.” She has a small chain she uses to lock this piece of metal to the wooden stakes. That’s all the security she can give Stessy and her sister.

This is the only life little Stessy has ever known. (more…)

Adventures in American Food October 5, 2018

As they travel around the United States, trying new American food is one of the Ugandan Kids Choir’s biggest adventures. It can sometimes be a challenge to help them balance trying new things and providing them food they like. But usually it’s just pure fun to watch them experiment!


5 Ways a Meal Changes a Life March 1, 2018

A boy holds a fork over a plate of pancakes, twisting around to smile up at the camera behind him.For the next two months, we’re going to be talking about hunger and what YOU can do to stop it. You might think that the problem is too big for you to be any help at all. World hunger affects 800 million people – what difference can any one of us possibly make? But the truth is that even just one meal has a positive impact for a child in need. And one meal? That’s something you can give!

Not convinced? Here’s five ways a meal makes a difference for a hungry child: (more…)

What about Lunch? September 20, 2017

We’re growing! Over the past year, we’ve been hard at work expanding our school lunch program to help hungry kids succeed in school.

A boy holds a plate and smiles happily as someone fills it with beans. A crowd of children look on from behind him, waiting their turn.

A good lunch helps kids be successful in school!


Every Meal Matters July 31, 2017

Here at Childcare Worldwide, we believe that every single meal matters in the fight against hunger. Why? Because the pain of hunger is so great, that being able to stop it even just for one day is worth it.

Loice and Silvia clutch precious gifts of food during a drought in Kenya.

We’re talking about true hunger here. Not the way we use the word in America (“Oh, it’s 3pm and I haven’t had lunch yet, I’m so ‘hungry’”). No. This is real, aching hunger. This is the kind of hunger where your belly is never truly satisfied for days on end; the kind where you had only a crust of bread today and you don’t know if you will have anything at all tomorrow; the kind that makes you too weak to go to school. For the children who are suffering this kind of hunger, every meal makes a difference.

Here’s a closer look at why we believe Every Meal Matters: (more…)

Cook One, Give One July 25, 2017

This summer, we need your help!

Children living in poverty suffer stabbing hunger pains, stunted growth, and an inability to concentrate in school… all because they don’t get enough to eat. That’s why we’ve initiated Every Meal Matters, our campaign to provide 35,000 meals to hungry children in the next three months.

But this summer, we want to go beyond just giving, and engage on a deeper level. Would you be satisfied with a simple meal of just rice and beans? For most us, the answer is probably not. But all too often that simple dish is considered a luxury in developing countries, and for many children in our programs.

So this summer we’re diving in to that experience, we’re on a mission to Cook One, Give One. And we need your help!


Thank you from the field June 23, 2017

This spring, you gave us a powerful reminder of just how incredible the Childcare Worldwide family is. We came to you with a huge need – the drought in Baringo, Kenya was devastating families, and people were dying. But what happened after that is a clear miracle!

Listen to Michael, our director in Kenya, explain just how important your gifts were to the people on the ground: