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Meet the Choir! June 8, 2018

Thank you so much to everyone who has been praying for our Choir’s visa application. Thankfully, we serve a God who hears our prayers, and we are thrilled to announce that our visa has been approved!

That means that we finally get to introduce you to Tour 17!A group of ten kids in bright yellow shirts pose for the camera.


Fear: 0 – Choir Kids: 10! May 17, 2018

When the Ugandan Kids Choir arrives in America, everything is new. Some things are hard to get used to, but others are instant favorites. One thing that always tops the list of new experiences is swimming!

Many of the choir kids have never been swimming before in their life. Ever. They might have been wading on the edges of Lake Victoria, or splashed around in small lakes and rivers near their home. But actually swimming? It’s just not something they’ve done.

Everyone loves swimming!


Work hard, pray to God April 24, 2018

Have you ever wondered what happens after the Ugandan Kids Choir returns home? To give you an idea of what life is like for former choir kids, we caught up with Ssemujju, who was on the very first Ugandan Kids Choir tour in 2006.

The first Ugandan Kids Choir tour – in 2006! Ssemujju is in the back row, on the right.

The choir has grown and changed a lot since those early days. And so has Ssemujju. (more…)

Prayer Update: Choir Visas March 19, 2018

How many of you have seen the Ugandan Kids Choir perform in person? If you’re one of the lucky ones, you know what a blessing they are! But today we need your prayer support to be sure the choir can continue to bless others!

A group of kids in brightly-colored traditional African costumes run towards the camera, smiling happily.


The Heart of Worship February 7, 2018

The Ugandan Kids Choir is a lot of things. They’re tiny ambassadors for kids in need. They’re big dreamers and sweet friends. They’re on a mission to spread laughter and joy. But at the end of the day, everything they do comes back to worship. A few weeks ago, we sat down with them to talk about worship. For them it’s not just something they do when they’re on stage. It’s what they do all the time!

A little girl sings into a microphone.


“It ends up being family” November 7, 2017

It’s hard to believe that the 15th Ugandan Kids Choir is wrapping up. It seems like just yesterday they stepped off the plane from Uganda. They’ve grown so much this year! And not just in height (although they’ve done plenty of that!) – they’ve grown academically, emotionally and spiritually too.

Ten kids in brightly colored shirts all piled onto a couch, sitting on the back, the arms, or even each other.

Wherever they go, this group of kids lights up the room.

As they wrap up their tour, we took some time to sit down with them – both the kids and the leaders – and reflect on how far they’ve come.


Our first question was easy. What is your favorite memory from tour?  (more…)

The Time of Your Life! October 12, 2017

If you’ve ever hosted the Ugandan Kids Choir, you know just how much fun it can be! Families all over the country constantly tell us about the joy they experience when they open their homes to the choir kids. And we’re never surprised. These kids are so full of light and laughter – how could they not light up your life?

Five people are gathered around a "Sorry!" board game, smiling and laughing. A man in the foreground is lying on his back, with just the upper half of his face showing as he tries to fit everyone into the frame.

Pastor Randy teaches the Ugandan Kids Choir to play the classic game of Sorry!


Passing the Choir Baton September 11, 2017

At the beginning of tour, the Ugandan Kids Choir is usually pretty nervous. They’re hundreds of miles from home, and their English isn’t great. Give them a few weeks, and they’re back up to their boisterous, vibrant selves. But it’s hard at first.

One thing that makes it better? Advice and encouragement from the only people who know exactly what they’re going through!A group of kids sit at desks grinning happily - each of them is waving a letter in the air. The letters are handwritten on lined paper and all have pictures stapled to them.


Room for One More in the Family July 5, 2017

Every host family is special, but there are some who go above and beyond – families like the Hogans who we met in Missouri. After hosting the Ugandan Kids Choir in their home, the Hogans decided they wanted to do even more. They wanted to sponsor a child!

The Hogan’s host children were thrilled! Finding new sponsors is their ultimate goal while touring the U.S.

Desire had no idea how special the Hogan family would be to her own family.


The Choir’s Classroom May 31, 2017

Did you know that keeping up with their education is an important part of choir member’s daily lives? It’s no easy task to stay up-to-date while they’re on the road, but they do it!

Four students and a teacher lean over a workbook , all concentrating and pointing at the page as if in deep discussion.

Class is in session!

Every group of kids that comes to the U.S. also includes a teacher from Uganda who travels with them, and plans their lessons. Most churches the Choir visits offer a space in their building that becomes their classroom. So five days a week, just as if they were at home, they go to school. They use Ugandan curriculum, so that when they return home they are right on pace with their classmates. (more…)