Child Sponsorship That Transforms Lives!

There are thousands of children living in poverty, who have never heard the hope of the Gospel of Jesus.

Every sponsorship helps provide holistic care to impoverished children around the world, including food, water, medicine, educational support, and especially the hope-filled message of Jesus Christ.

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Empowering a Child in a Personal Way

With a Childcare Worldwide sponsorship, you don’t just support an impoverished child to make it through the day. Your gifts of care and encouragement empower them to break the cycle of poverty in their lives and in their communities. Your sponsorship will deliver the Gospel of Jesus Christ to a child and supply all their needs for schooling, transforming their world. With both a solid spiritual foundation and a good education, your sponsored child can have a brighter future!
Children laughing and smiling
Children smiling and laughing

How Can Your Help Truly Make a Difference?

As a generous, kindhearted person, you want a program that uniquely helps children in the culture and circumstances of their country and community. That’s where Life Centers help the most! Hosted by a local church and staffed by in-country teachers and church workers, Life Centers welcome children each week for Gospel-focused Bible lessons, Scripture memorization, singing, and fellowship, plus meeting the physical needs of families with clean water, nutritious food, medicine, and school supplies.

Your sponsorship removes the barriers of immediate needs, so children can grow spiritually and physically. The result is a positive long-term outlook. With a focus on the Gospel and on education, your Childcare Worldwide sponsorship can make a difference now and for eternity!

Seeing the Impact Firsthand

You will experience one of the greatest joys of sponsoring a child through the personal relationship you will develop with them. When you become a sponsor, we send you a special packet with instructions for communicating with them, sharing photos and letters, and prayer requests. Our staff will translate your letters and deliver them securely. Write as often as you like. You’ll receive updates about what they’re learning and how they’re growing spiritually. It’s a connection you both will treasure!
Children laughing and smiling

You can change a child’s future in 3 steps

Children laughing and smiling.

Step 1: Select a Child

Take a moment to pray. Ask God to help you choose a child to sponsor at $40 per month. Imagine the excitement your child will feel when they learn you chose them!
Child smiling and receiving lunch

Step 2: See Your Impact

Communicate and connect with your child personally through letters and photos throughout the year. Listen to how they are growing spiritually and in their schooling.

Step 3: See a Life Changed

Build a long-term relationship with your child with ongoing support. Watch how your care provides a chance for them to trust Jesus and have an eternal hope.

What Your Gift Gives Your Child

When you sponsor a child, they receive an opportunity at a better life. Quality education is expensive, but it can make a world of difference. Your sponsorship empowers a child to break the cycle of poverty in their life and in their community.
  • Each week at a Life Center, they get to attend a weekly Bible lesson, learn worship songs, and play Scripture memory games. It’s a day of fun, but it’s also a day of discipleship. Whether your child is hearing the Gospel for the first time or the 100th, they are getting the chance to have a personal relationship with Jesus.
  • They also get supplemental care to meet their physical needs — healthy food, clean drinking water, medical attention, and support for school fees and supplies. 
  • Sponsored children also build relationships with the people who are caring for them. They find compassion and love from Life Center teachers and church support staff. And they want to share what’s happening in their life and with their family with their sponsor through photos, videos, and letters. 
Sibling Supporter


Provide support that helps a sibling of a sponsored child. Together, they can attend a Life Center for Bible lessons, nutritious meals, and clean drinking water.
Support a Sibling
Child Sponsorship


Your support provides nutritious meals, clean drinking water, and educational support for a child facing extreme poverty. Most importantly, your child can attend a Life Center and hear the Gospel shared through Formation Bible Lessons. You also can have a 1-to-1 writing relationship with your child.

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