Livingstone’s story is anything but ordinary. He’s endured a lot of heartbreak, but he didn’t let that keep him down for long.

When he was just 9 years old, Livingstone’s parents both got sick and passed away. He and his two brothers were devastated. Not only were they grieving, they were also terrified for their future. How would they survive without their parents to care for them?

Thankfully, because of generous people like you, Childcare Worldwide found them!

Our staff took Livingstone and his brothers to one of our children’s homes. There, he found the love and care he needed to start healing from his grief. But that was just the beginning…we also found Livingstone a sponsor!

Thanks to his sponsor, Livingstone got to go to school, where he thrived. Given the opportunity to learn, Livingstone soaked up every scrap of knowledge he could. School became a place where he found stability and purpose.

More importantly, as a sponsored child Livingstone also attended his local Life Center. There, he learned the most important lesson of all: even though he lost his earthly parents, Livingstone has a Heavenly Father who loves him beyond comprehension.

After finishing high school, Livingstone went on to college with the help of his sponsors. He attended Makerere University and studied Computer Science. In college, he continued to excel academically. He graduated in 3 years. In Uganda, it’s common to rank students based on how well they do compared to others. When he graduated, Livingstone was 2nd in his class, out of over 300 students!

Degree in hand, Livingstone has built a wonderful life for himself. He is working as a systems engineer for an I.T. firm, and really enjoys his work. He’s hoping to continue his education in the future, looking towards a master’s degree, and maybe even a Ph.D.

None of this would have been possible without sponsorship. When his parents died, Livingstone lost his family – there was nobody left to look after him. But sponsors like you filled the gap, showing him the care he desperately needed, and introducing him Jesus.

Livingstone is one more example of the incredible transformation we see over, and over: sponsorship works!