Damuse eats candy for breakfast.

(And not for the reason you think she does)


No, Candy doesn’t satisfy Hunger.

Some days, Damuse would have a single piece of candy to fight her hunger. Most days she had nothing. Then Childcare Worldwide opened a lunch program at her school. Today, Damuse knows she will at least have one good meal each day!

Today, Damuse can come to school knowing she will eat.

Because of the kindness our donors have shown, Damuse knows that she will recieve at least one meal a day. But there are many other children who never receive the food they so urgently need.

For Children like Damuse, a school lunch makes a huge difference.

For Damuse, and many others, the lunch they receive at school is their primary source of food. Hundreds of children rely on you — and Childcare Worldwide — for food to survive.

Why School Feeding Matters

Stop hunger and prevent malnourishment

Reduce economic burden on poor families

Increase mental sharpness, productivity and success in school

Hundreds of school children just like Damuse are waiting for meals.

Please help today.


— $1.27 is a ll it takes to send one meal

— Prevent child hunger and malnutrition

— Increases learning ability and comprehension