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  • cow

    From milk to meat, to beast of burden, cows are incredibly versatile sources of food and income. The gift of a cow can transform a family’s future.

    Suggested Price: $800.00
  • Peru Homes

    Build an entire home for a needy family in Peru. Move in cost: only $3,700

    Suggested Price: $3,700.00
  • bunny

    These bunnies are more than cute! They offer poor families a path out of poverty.

    Suggested Price: $140.00
  • Choir Start Up

    For just $100, you can completely outfit a Ugandan Choir child with all they need for their U.S. tour.

    Suggested Price: $20.00
  • Christian Character Development

    For $50 you can help fight corruption by teaching a child solid, Biblical values.

    Suggested Price: $50.00
  • Clean Water

    Give water and give life! $15.20 will provide clean water for one person for years to come.

  • chicken

    For families with very little land or resources, raising chickens is a great source of food and income.

    Suggested Price: $80.00
  • Survival Paks

    $50 will provide a Critical Care Pak, full of food, to help one family bridge the gap for an entire month.

    Suggested Price: $50.00
  • Sad looking children

    Natural disasters can be an incredible hardship on a family. $100 will help them get back on their feet.

    Suggested Price: $100.00
  • Kenya Drought Relief

    For $10, you can give a drought-stricken child a meal for an entire month!

    Suggested Price: $100.00
  • Spiritual Ministries

    Help bring the good news of the Gospel to remote, Filipino islands by supporting an evangelist for $50.

    Suggested Price: $50.00
  • A boy holding a bowl of rice and beans looks up at the camera, smiling happily.

    Feed a hungry child today for just $1.27 per meal.

    Suggested Price: $50.00
  • For families living in poverty farm animals like chickens and goats provide sustainable sources of both food and income.

    Suggested Price: $50.00
  • Kenneth smiles as someone out of the frame spoons beans onto his plate.

    $50 will give food, hope and encouragement to a child or family in need.

    Suggested Price: $50.00
  • When you make a gift to the Founder’s Fund, you are insuring that the ministry of Childcare Worldwide can grow and thrive for years to come!

    Suggested Price: $300.00
  • goat

    Buy a goat for $85, to help get a needy family in Kenya started with their own goat herd.

    Suggested Price: $360.00