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  • Getting a good night’s sleep can be elusive – especially if you’re contending with mosquitoes and hard dirt floors. But this gift helps a child sleep soundly!

    Suggested Price: $50.00
  • bibles

    Give a child the Living Word! These Bibles in each child’s own language help them learn about Jesus and grow in their faith.

    Suggested Price: $10.00
  • bicycle

    This bicycle will get needy children to class quickly and safely!

    Suggested Price: $125.00
  • cow

    A cow of their own gives a poor family the means to provide for themselves!

    Suggested Price: $700.00
  • bunny

    These bunnies are more than cute! They offer poor families a path out of poverty.

    Suggested Price: $120.00
  • water

    Waterborne diseases kill more children each year than AIDS, malaria and measles combined. Help save lives by providing clean, safe drinking water!

    Suggested Price: $2,400.00
  • chicken

    For families with very little land or resources, raising chickens is a great source of food and income.

    Suggested Price: $60.00
  • A package full of nutritious food helps a family in crisis survive a difficult time.

    Suggested Price: $50.00
  • Most poor families in developing countries don’t have access to even basic medical care, but our medical camps help bridge the gap!

    Suggested Price: $7.50
  • tablets

    An estimated 880 million children are affected by painful stomach worms. But a simple pill protects children and prevents the parasites from spreading.

    Suggested Price: $52.00