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Are you a church or business who wants to transform children’s lives, while sharing the Gospel with children in need? By partnering together, we can create the impact you want to see in the world.

Here's How You Can Get Involved

Host a Sponsorship Event

Sponsorship is a vital part of Childcare Worldwide’s ministry, creating an opportunity for you to have a meaningful relationship with a child in need. When sponsoring a child, you can ensure they will receive a solid gospel message through our Life Center program. In addition, their school fees are covered, and every child receives access to food, water, and medical care as needed. When you host a sponsorship event, you give individual members of your church or organization the opportunity to share the gospel with children around the world by sponsoring a child. A Childcare Worldwide team member will visit your church or organization to present the sponsorship opportunity to your community. In addition to live presentations, we also give you access to videos, images and presentation materials that you can use to inspire your congregation or organization to action.

Build a Clean Water System

Around the world, 2.2 million children die from drinking dirty water every year. Countless more suffer from water-borne illnesses. But we believe every child deserves access to clean, life-giving water – and you can help us make that dream a reality. That’s why we are committed to providing our Life Centers with water tanks – these tanks capture hundreds of gallons of pure rain water, storing it safely for the community to easily access. In addition to building a clean water system, you can also provide individual families with water filters so that they can make any water source a clean water source. Together, these solutions provide clean and ready water access for kids and families. 

Provide Shelter by Building a Home

Many children and their families live in crowded shacks. Large families often live in a structure made from cardboard, scraps of wood, or pieces of corrugated metal, where all the children will share one bed. But you can give a family a new start in life! With a stable foundation, solid walls, and even electricity, this is a fully functional and furnished house where a family can build a better life together. We are actively looking for partners to help fund the construction of new homes, to continue to remove the barriers of poverty, so that children have room to grow spiritually and physically, into thriving, productive adults. 

Support a Life Center

Life Centers are the core of Childcare Worldwide’s programs. Our Life Centers operate out of local churches in the communities where our children live. This provides an opportunity for children to hear the gospel and grow spiritually. As our staff build relationships with the children in our program, they are able to identify their individual needs. Life Centers include Bible lessons, songs, small group discussions, and games that reinforce the Gospel message. Now, you can be a part of it! Life Center partnerships provide a unique opportunity for you to minister to, and support, the children and their church community in a developing country. With your monthly support, your church or organization can sponsor a Life Center, investing in a local community for long-term change.

About us

Childcare Worldwide transforms children’s lives by exposing them to the gospel of Jesus Christ, providing for their physical needs, and sponsoring their education.

We are committed to exposing children to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

  • We hire exclusively Christian individuals in every project we operate.
  • Our country directors and program staff are national professionals, allowing our programs to be more effective within that culture.
  • Our programs are run through a local church.
  • We accept no government funding of any kind, which allows us total freedom in proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ.

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