A boy crouches beside a goat, holding a bowl of food for it and petting its neck as it eats.

Goats are changing Dominic’s future.

Who doesn’t love spring? The sun is shining, flowers are blooming and cute baby animals are being born. Everybody loves baby animals – there’s something so sweet and cuddly about them. But our excitement about meeting a puppy or kitten can’t match Dominic’s excitement for the coming of a new kid goat!

Dominic lives in Kenya, and his life hasn’t been easy. He’s no stranger to hunger, and was used to going to sleep on an empty stomach.

Dominic’s mom is doing her best to raise him and his siblings on her own. There are four of them. Victor is 8 and Dominic just turned 12. Mary who is 19 and Julius, who is 21, do what they can to help out, but both of them are trying to make their own starts in life. Their mother wishes she could give them a better boost as they enter adulthood. But with the two younger boys to feed, they’re about all she can manage.

During the rainy season, they are able to grow a few vegetables in their garden and manage fairly well. Sadly, rainy season never lasts. During the frequent dry spells, finding enough to eat is tough.

A woman stands in field, her arms around a young boy.

Dominic and his mom are so happy to have their own goats!

Dominic’s whole family are hard workers, with a lot of determination. What they were lacking was an opportunity to succeed. So, we gave them 3 goats!

And those goats are changing their lives.

It’s Dominic’s job to look after the goats. There’s a lot to do! The first step was making sure each goat got deworming medicine, to keep them all healthy. Then, Dominic and Julius together built a shed to protect the goats at night. Every morning and night Dominic cleans out the shed and feeds them. He often helps milk them too.

Taking care of the goats is a lot of work, but Dominic doesn’t mind a bit. The goats give them so much in return! Immediately after getting the goats, the family’s daily situation improved dramatically. Now they at least have milk every day. Those extra calories make all the difference, especially for growing boys like Dominic and Victor. The goats also mean an immediate (and endless!) supply of manure, which helps their garden thrive.

A boy crouches beside a goat, holding a cup under it as he milks it.

Got milk?

But the best the goats have to offer is yet to come. Their first goat is pregnant now, and Dominic is so excited to see their little herd start to grow! He wants to get at least ten goats before they sell one. They expect baby goats twice a year, so that could be pretty soon. And when they can start selling goats, they will finally have a path out of poverty.

That’s why Dominic is so excited about baby goats!

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