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Welcome MOPS Moms!

You know that feeling you get when you drop your kids off for a MOPS meeting? The little internal *sigh* of relief that they will be safe and cared for while you get something to help you feel supported as a mom?  Imagine if you could have that impact on a Mom in poverty today.

Each of these kids at the link below represents a mom who needs help. Sponsorship helps a mom in poverty provide: 

  • Holistic care for their child including food, water, & medicine
  • Educational support like school fees, supplies, uniforms 
  • A biblical foundation through our Life Center ministry

When you sponsor a child through CW, your kids will also:

  • Begin to develop a global faith
  • Start a meaningful relationship by coloring pictures or writing letters to another child
  • Learn the joy of giving and making a positive impact in the life of another child