It’s Love Pak Time!

Christmas gifts that share the love of Jesus


This Christmas, Give Love.

For many children living in poverty, your Love Pak is the only Christmas gift they’ll receive. And for some, the Love Pak party where these gifts are delivered will be the first time they hear the Gospel message!

Each Love Pak costs just $23 to send.

What’s in a Love Pak?

Every Love Pak includes both fun and useful items poor children can’t afford. We include things like blankets, backpacks, toothbrushes, and pencils. And we don’t forget the candy and toys! Every gift is packed with love and brings huge smiles to the faces of precious little girls and boys.

It’s A Party!

Love Paks are delivered at special Christmas parties, where children can just have fun for a day. Children hear the story of Christ coming to earth — just for them! — and celebrate this story by performing a Christmas play, singing songs and playing games. Your Love Pak gifts are the highlight, an amazing reminder of God’s love for each child.

Love Paks around the world

In the places where we work around the world, Love Paks are a cherished Christmas tradition. All year long, little children and their families alike look forward to this exciting day!


Love Paks distributed last year


Countries where Love Paks are given


Children waiting to receive Love Paks this year

Give a Love Pak today.

Each Love Pak costs just $23 to send.

“I like eating the cake and getting new school shoes and the soap so I can wash my clothes. But my favorite is my new blanket. Now I won’t sleep cold at night! I’m happy because of the birth of Jesus my Savior. He gave me a new life. I am so happy and God bless my sponsor.” –Sharon Napiris, 8 from Kenya