Give a Christmas gift to a child in need!

For many children, your Love Pack gift is the only Christmas present they’ll receive. It’s also one of your best opportunities to remind a child they are loved – by you and by God! Each Love Pack costs just $26 to give and includes fun items like soccer balls or stuffed animals as well as practical gifts like new clothes and school backpacks. It also includes a special party where they hear the gospel message! Share the joy of Jesus’ birth today.

You can even make this an annual pledge, billed now and then each year on November 1, so you can cross one more task off your to-do list for years to come!

It's easy! Follow 3 steps to give a child a Love Pack!

Step 1. Donate $26 (or more!)

Step 2. Choose whether this is a one-time or annual gift.

Step 3. A child in need (if you're a sponsor, your child) receives a special Christmas gift this year!

More than a present–give the gift of eternity with Jesus!

Love Packs are more than the toys and sweets included in them. Most importantly, they come with a Love Pack party, which is an opportunity to share the real reason we celebrate Christmas: Jesus’ birth. When you give a Love Pack gift for just $26, you are sharing the transforming joy of Jesus with a child in need. Several children accepted Jesus as their Savior at one of these parties last year!

Children smiling and opening gifts

What's in a Love Pack?

Love Packs are full of both fun and useful items to delight every child. Each gift includes things like soccer balls, school supplies, stuffed animals, sweets, Bibles and more. Every gift is packed with love and guaranteed to bring a huge smile to their face!

See how a Love Pack brings joy… even in the face of abandonment!

Everybody loves Christmas presents! But for kids like Nazifar in Uganda, your Love Pack gift means even more.Nazifar’s whole family is Muslim. So when Nazifar and her mother both converted to Christianity, her father was enraged, and cut them off completely. When they begged him for financial assistance he told them to ask their Jesus to pay Nazifar’s school fees.

Of course, Nazifar’s heavenly father DID provide for her, even though her earthly father refused. God connected Nazifar with a Childcare Worldwide sponsor to support her education, provide for her physical needs and help her grow spiritually at her Life Center!

But God wasn’t done blessing this little family and their newfound faith… because Christmas was coming!

Last year, Nazifar received a Love Pack from her sponsor, and got to attend the Christ-centered Christmas party. To her, it was a miracle! It was the first Christmas gift she’d ever received. Her favorite was the new school backpack. She’d been carrying her books to and from school in a plastic bag, which was both uncomfortable and embarrassing. Now, she carries her new backpack proudly, and remembers the love and the joy she felt during the Love Pack party.

Christmas joy starts with you. Give a Christmas gift to a child in need!

Each Love Pack costs just $26 to give. Share the love of Jesus this Christmas.