Peaceful Revolution

Childcare Worldwide is partnering with hundreds of East African churches to fight corruption and evangelize the entire region!

In a world trapped by corruption, poverty and inequality, East Africa is desperate for hope. And we know that is a void only Jesus can fill.

But in the unlimited potential of East Africa’s children, we see an opportunity for a better future. If we can inspire the children with the light of Christ, they will change the world. Which is why…

It’s time for a Peaceful Revolution!

The Peaceful Revolution is a grassroots evangelical movement, led by local pastors in Uganda and Kenya.

As local Christian leaders saw the power that our Christian Character Building program had to bring families into the church, they started clamoring for more! Leading the charge themselves, they’ve been taking our curriculum everywhere they can.

And Christian leaders in Uganda and Kenya are now asking us to help them launch the program in Rwanda and Tanzania . . . and eventually all East Africa!

Today, the movement has taken on a life of its own. In Kenya, we are talking with administrators about getting the curriculum into all public primary schools. One government official, who has asked not to be named, says the curriculum is seen as a way to combat the rise of Islamic militancy in the country’s youth.

In the same way Jesus’ disciples created a revolution, this movement has the potential to change the face of East Africa.

The Need

Because of the critical nature of this ground-breaking opportunity, we’re moving quickly to help change East Africa forever. New curriculum, research, training materials and other critical items are being finalized right now. While the African leadership will eventually take over the role of development and leadership, they are asking us to initiate, facilitate and become long-term advisors of the Peaceful Revolution.

The budget needed to get us through this critical phase and into April is $56,000

This budget includes the following:

  • New Curriculum Development and Printing (20,00 pieces)
  • Leadership Training Materials
  • Facility Rental
  • Training Staff
  • Accommodations
  • Travel
  • Fuel

Thank you for prayerfully considering investing in the Peaceful Revolution!

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