Spiritual Development


For what will it profit a man if he gains the whole world, and loses his own soul?
Mark 8:36

At the heart of every one of our ministries is the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Everything we do points back to Him, and we unashamedly proclaim this fact. We’re committed to alleviating the pain and suffering that comes with abject poverty. And our focus is on long-term solutions—like training and education—to help children become free of poverty and become future leaders in their communities.

But none of this matters if a child doesn’t learn about Jesus.

The core of our child sponsorship programs are our Life Centers.

Life Centers

Life Centers are local churches where sponsored children gather every week for a day of discipleship. Through Bible study, songs, games, and our Christian Character Building curriculum, children learn about Jesus and how to grow in their faith. Each child receives individual instruction and care from our trained Life Center teachers, ensuring their academic, spiritual, and personal needs are all being met.

Through Life Centers, children hear the Gospel and lean how to walk closer with Jesus Christ every day!

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Christian Character Building

Our Christian Character Building curriculum teaches children Christ-like character traits such as compassion, faithfulness, and kindness. We help children grow up as young men and women of integrity, spreading their positive influence to their friends and families. This program focuses on the long-term development of Christian leadership, morals, integrity, ethics, and values.

Children in the poorest areas where we work are surrounded by corruption, greed, and violence. This program is designed to give children the ability to withstand and change these societal issues as they grow into young leaders and adulthood.

Christian Environment

All of our ministries and services—even those that don’t involve child sponsorship—are held in a Christian environment. Every person hired by Childcare Worldwide is a devout believer. Our development projects, such as water systems, food distribution, and Life Centers, are all built at church locations and staffed with a pastor or evangelist so that the entire community has access to the Gospel message.