Mustard Seed Project

These self-help projects empower families to lift themselves out of grinding poverty. A small investment can grow into long-term financial security, just like a tiny mustard seed can grow into a huge tree. Plus, each project is managed through a local church, ensuring every family has the support they need to be successful, as well as the opportunity to learn about the love of Jesus.

Farm Animals

Animals offer families a sustainable source of food and income. Milk and eggs bring much needed nutrition, especially for small children, and animals can be bred for sale or meat. Starting with just a few critters, families can grow a whole herd and set themselves on a path to prosperity.

Small Business Pushcart

This pushcart gives a single mother everything she needs to start her own roadside business selling snacks and other small items. As part of this program, each recipient “pays back” fifty percent of the cost of her cart – that amount is invested in a cart for another single mother, expanding the impact!

Provide a pushcart: $360

Sewing Machine

A sewing machine is the means to a steady and flexible source of income. Their very own sewing machine allows women (and maybe even men) the opportunity to make money to support their families right from their own homes.

Provide a sewing machine: $285