Medical Ministries

India Medical Camp

More than 200 million children worldwide under age 5 have no basic health care, meaning nearly 10 million children die each year from treatable ailments like diarrhea, malaria, and pneumonia.

Childcare Worldwide is committed to alleviating this issue in each of the areas in which we work. Some of our most successful projects include:

Medical Fund

Childcare Worldwide operates medical camps in India to provide medical care for children and their families living in remote and extremely poor circumstances. Our teams of doctors and nurses provide emergency services, preventive care, immunizations and medications to help prevent and treat illnesses and infections. Each medical camp also includes local pastors who pray with people and share the gospel.
It costs $7.50 to provide care for one child at our medical camps.



Starfish Project

Sometimes, basic health and medical care is not enough. For special individual medical needs, the Starfish Fund provides for necessary specialized medical attention and treatment to children.

On a case by case basis, this project provides desperate children with such things as:

  • Orthopedic and other surgeries
  • Hospitalizations due to major illnesses or snakebite
  • Treatment of injuries such as broken bones or burns
  • Prosthetics
  • Eye glasses
  • CAT scans