Food for Life

Child eating

Poor nutrition causes nearly 50% of deaths in children under five. 805 million people in the world do not have enough food. Hunger weakens immune systems, destroys potential, and perpetuates poverty.

But we can help!

Childcare Worldwide’s feeding programs provide healthy, balanced meals to our sponsored children as well as families in need. Each program meets critical needs, eradicating hunger and saving lives.

Here’s how you can help:

School Lunch Program:

In Kenya, Haiti, and Mexico, Childcare Worldwide provides hot, nourishing school lunches so that hungry children can be assured at least one healthy meal each day. It costs just $30 to provide school lunches for one child for a whole month!

Critical Care Pak Program:

Our Critical Care Paks provide a whole month’s worth of staple foods to a family with no means to support themselves. Each Pak contains staples they can’t afford for themselves like beans, rice, oil and more. Each Critical Care Pak costs $50, and helps a needy family survive.