Child Security, Contact and Social Media

As we seek to provide children with the support they need to survive and thrive, it is imperative that we ensure the safety of each child we serve. Child trafficking is a real and present threat to children around the world. We are committed and obligated to ensuring every child in our program is protected and safe.

For this reason, we carefully monitor communication between sponsors and their sponsored children. Please do not attempt to directly contact your sponsored child, their family, or local community members without the assistance of Childcare Worldwide. Emails, phone calls or visits directly to the child’s residence are not permissible without oversight by our professional staff.

While our goal is to help you and your sponsored child to develop as genuine a relationship as possible, please understand that we limit the specific identifying information we share about a child. We will share general information about where the child lives, but we will not release a child’s exact address or direct contact information.

Social Media Policies

For the safety of the all the children we serve, please do not connect with or accept friend requests from your sponsored child via any social media platform. Instead, please use the approved methods to connect that are outlined here. This helps protect you from being solicited directly, and protects the children from being forced to contact you by coercion from unscrupulous individuals.

Privacy and security goes both ways, and we endeavor to protect you as well as our children.

The one-to-one relationship between a sponsor and their child is special. Please feel free to share your delight about your child and your sponsorship experience with your social and personal networks!