Each meal
will help
a child thrive!

For just $1 a meal, you can fill a child’s belly and help them thrive both physically and spiritually.

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Food for Life

The simple act of sharing a meal with a child in need opens the door for hope and change in their life. 

Consistently living without enough food harms our children in every aspect of their life. When their bellies are empty, they can’t fully engage in school or even their Life Center lessons. It is heartbreaking to see children missing the hope of the Gospel simply because they are hungry.

Thankfully, you can help! Each meal costs just $1 to give, and sets them up for a successful day of learning and growth.

How can a meal change a child’s life? Just ask Asher!

There are 12 people living in Asher’s three-room house. Her parents abandoned her when she was small, so she lives with her grandma, crowded in with a number of cousins, aunties, and uncles. The family has very few economic opportunities. They usually survive only on the vegetables they grow in their small garden. It’s never quite enough for all of them. Asher’s family is Muslim. She had never heard the Good News of Jesus. But when her family heard that a local church was offering a kids’ program that included a healthy meal, they decided to let Asher attend, even though their faith differed.

At the Life Center, Asher found so much more than just a meal… She also found eternal hope! After hearing the Gospel, Asher decided to give her life to Jesus! Her Life Center teacher, Ms. Lydia, became her role model, the sole voice of Christian teaching in her life. It can be tough being the only believer in her family, but at her Life Center, Asher always finds encouragement. Ms. Lydia continually reminds her to trust God, and that He will provide for her.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, Asher’s family’s financial situation became even worse. Asher had no idea where her next meal would come from. But then, thanks to gifts just like yours, we showed up with a package of staple foods and other essentials! Asher was so grateful for these gifts. “I thank God for my Life Center,” she said. “Without it I wouldn’t have received food. I’m so happy! I’m going to enjoy rice and fried beans!”Looking at all the food we had brought, Asher couldn’t help but smile. Ms. Lydia was right! God will provide!

Will you feed a child in need?

With each gift, you’re providing healthy meals for children in need. Your gift will support a number of programs, all aimed at helping kids get the nutrition they need to grow both physically and spiritually.

Weekday Lunches

Over 66 million children go to school hungry every day. Our weekday lunch program ensures children have the nutrition they need not just to survive, but to thrive! Lunch at school helps kids focus better, improves grades, and even increases attendance.

Life Center Meals

A healthy meal is a key part of our discipleship curriculum. If kids were hungry, how could they focus on the important spiritual lessons we’re teaching? But sharing a meal together helps kids connect with their Life Center teachers and opens doors to sharing the Gospel!

Hope paks

For families living on the edge, we provide packages of staple foods and other essential items. A month’s supply of beans, rice, cooking oil, soap and more can transform a family’s circumstances and give them the extra stability they need to survive.

Share a meal today!

Feed a child in need for just $1 per meal. Every meal helps them thrive, physically
and spiritually.

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