In Haiti, many children can’t go to school at all, let alone trade school. But Babette is an exception!

At 20 years old, Babette has big dreams. So often, the narrative we hear about Haiti is full of despair; violence, poverty, and natural disasters fill the story. But not when you talk to Babette!

Babette is full of hope for her future – and her country’s future – all because of one simple difference: she was sponsored.

Her picture was on the table at a Ugandan Kids Choir event, years ago. And after watching the Choir’s performance and hearing their plea for people to help children like them, a generous couple made a sponsorship commitment…and they picked Babette!

Their generosity meant Babette could go to school!

Her dad had abandoned their family, leaving her mom to manage all on her own. Making ends meet was difficult. Many days they didn’t have enough to eat or to cover rent on their small house. Without the gift of sponsorship, Babette would never have gone to school.

But it’s a good thing she did, because she didn’t stop at just primary school, or even high school. Babette went to trade school too! She just completed a two year program, certifying her as an accountant!

She chose that field because she’s good at math, and also because it will be easier to find a job – even in the midst of political crisis, people still need accountants. In many ways she’s had this dream from childhood. She says that when she was a kid she wanted to have a business and be in charge of everything. We’re all cheering for Babette and excited to see her put that leadership potential to great use.

Babette knows Haiti faces many challenges. “We have to work hard in Haiti,” she said, “to improve the condition of our lives here.” But Babette is committed to that work. She’s already put in the effort for her own education – now she’s looking towards the future.

She sees many poor families in her neighborhood who can’t afford to send their children to school. Maybe because she knows how easily that could have been her, Babette wants to help them as much as possible. She wants to be a mentor to children, and act as a role model, showing them that you can be successful no matter your background. Someday, she hopes that she might even be able to sponsor a child herself.

Today, will you join me in praying for Babette? Leaders like her give me so much hope for Haiti’s future!