For the safety of the all the children we serve, please do not connect with your sponsored child via any social media platform. Instead, please use the approved methods to connect that are outlined here.

Privacy and security goes both ways, and we endeavor to protect you as well as our children. Sponsored children and their family members are discouraged from contacting you without Childcare Worldwide’s prior knowledge. If your sponsored child does reach out to you via social media, please be aware that they have been instructed NOT to do so. Please refuse their request.

This helps protect you from being solicited directly from overseas, and protects the children from being forced to contact you by coercion from unscrupulous individuals.

While we strongly discourage direct contact with your child on social media, please feel free to share news about your child with your networks! Post their pictures, letters, etc as you please. To protect their security and privacy we only ask that you do not post your child’s last name.