Child security

As we seek to provide children with the support they need to survive and thrive, it is imperative that we ensure the safety of each child we serve. Child trafficking is a real and present threat to children in developing nations. We are committed and obligated to ensuring every child in our program is protected and safe.

For this reason, we carefully monitor communication between sponsors and their sponsored children. Part of your agreement as a sponsor is that you will NOT attempt to directly contact your sponsored child, their family, or local community members without permission from Childcare Worldwide.  Emails, phone calls or visits directly to the child’s residence are not allowed without permission from and oversight by Childcare Worldwide staff.

While our goal is to help you and your sponsored child to develop as genuine a relationship as possible, please understand that we limit the specific identifying information we share about a child. We will share general information about where the child lives, but we will not release a child’s exact address or direct contact information.

Can I send my child a gift?

Because of customs, duty fees and different national regulations, we are unable to send physical gift packages to your child.

However, we are able to forward flat items that fit in a 6×9 envelope. This may include stickers, photos, postcards, etc. If we receive a gift from you outside these specifications, your gift will be donated to a local charity.

You can also make one $50 special gift per year per child. The special gift is transferred to the country, the staff purchases an appropriate gift for the child—and the child will write a thank you note to you indicating what he or she received with the funds.

Can I correspond with my child through Social Media?

For child security and safety reasons, we discourage direct, unmonitored or unauthorized communication with your sponsored child without our knowledge. This includes contact through the internet or social media such as Skype, Instant Messaging, Facebook, or other methods. (For more information regarding our child security and safety policies, click here.

What could I write about?

You might talk about your family, your church, your school or pets. Your child would also like to know about the area where you live and the kind of work you do. Colorful pictures, photographs or picture postcards are always appreciated.

It is best to avoid speaking about material possessions like your home, cars or toys. Please remember your child lives in a needy environment and has been deprived of many things that we take for granted.

If I want to write, how should I do this?

You should send all communications with your child’s name and identification number to our address in the U.S. you can email your letters to us at sponsorship@childcareworldwide.org, or you can submit a letter via this form on our website. We will gladly forward them, and we will also forward correspondence from your child to you.

How often can I expect to hear from my child?

After the initial letter from your child, you can expect to receive one letter and one additional update each year.

When will I receive my first letter?

Usually you will receive your first letter within two to four months of sponsoring a child (This depends upon the country they live in).