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Every Meal Matters.

Help us end the pain of hunger, one meal at a time.

For just $1.27 you can give one meal to a desperately hungry child!

Hunger hurts.

Poor nutrition causes nearly half of deaths in children under five.

Children in developing countries are hungry. Their bodies are weak and vulnerable to disease. Their growth is stunted, their stomachs ache. Many survive on one meager meal a day. For them, every single meal matters in their fight to survive.

Hunger hurts because
The goal.

That’s why, over the next three months, we’re going to provide 35,000 meals for kids in need.

But we need your help to do it! Every meal you give will help a hungry child grow strong and healthy. Every meal helps children excel in school. And every meal you give is a reminder of God’s love!

That’s the power of just one meal. Imagine the impact of 35,000 meals. We need $44,450 to reach our goal. It’s an ambitious goal, but together we can do it! Give today.

Progress towards goal.

35,000 / 35,000 meals

“If you can’t feed a hundred people, then feed just one.” Mother Teresa

$1.27 is all it takes to provide one meal for one child.


“For many years my family and I slept on empty stomachs. Ever since Childcare came into our lives and gave us a Critical Care Pak every month, our lives have never been the same. I pray for Childcare every day.’

Cecilia Wairimu, Nakuru Kenya