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A thief in the night March 27, 2018

15 year old Kenneth lives on a tiny farm outside Nakuru, Kenya with his mom and his sister. Looking at their little garden and small hut, you wouldn’t think there would be anything on their property worth stealing. So why is Kenneth terrified of thieves?

Kenneth sits in front of a black board wearing a slightly-worse-for-wear blue school uniform, but grinning at the camera.


Surviving the Storm in the Night October 4, 2017

When Hurricane Matthew struck Haiti last year, you sprang into action to help. The Childcare Worldwide family helped build or repair 90 different homes and provided emergency food for 640 families! Almost a year later, we had a chance to catch up with some of the people you helped. Here’s how your gifts made a difference.

Little Shedna with her Uncle Evans in a field near their house.


Every Meal Matters July 31, 2017

Here at Childcare Worldwide, we believe that every single meal matters in the fight against hunger. Why? Because the pain of hunger is so great, that being able to stop it even just for one day is worth it.

Loice and Silvia clutch precious gifts of food during a drought in Kenya.

We’re talking about true hunger here. Not the way we use the word in America (“Oh, it’s 3pm and I haven’t had lunch yet, I’m so ‘hungry’”). No. This is real, aching hunger. This is the kind of hunger where your belly is never truly satisfied for days on end; the kind where you had only a crust of bread today and you don’t know if you will have anything at all tomorrow; the kind that makes you too weak to go to school. For the children who are suffering this kind of hunger, every meal makes a difference.

Here’s a closer look at why we believe Every Meal Matters: (more…)

Thank you from the field June 23, 2017

This spring, you gave us a powerful reminder of just how incredible the Childcare Worldwide family is. We came to you with a huge need – the drought in Baringo, Kenya was devastating families, and people were dying. But what happened after that is a clear miracle!

Listen to Michael, our director in Kenya, explain just how important your gifts were to the people on the ground:


Praise God for Good Dads! June 16, 2017

An older man sits on a rock outside a corrugated tin building, with his arm around a young boy as they both smile at the camera.

Davens and his dad Pierre

It’s almost Father’s Day! This year, your friendly reminder to thank your dad for all he’s done for you is brought to you by a little boy in Haiti….

Davens was 12 years old when Hurricane Matthew hit Haiti last year. And it was terrifying. Davens lived with his parents Marie and Pierre and three siblings on the banks of a river, one of the worst places to be in a storm. As the rains lashed the island the river started to rise. (more…)

Childcare Worldwide in the News April 26, 2017

We made the news! Childcare Worldwide was recently featured in an article on Public Radio International!

As the drought in Kenya worsens, Childcare is on the ground, bringing food and water to the neediest families in the area. Reporter Katie G. Nelson joined Michael Wafula, our East Africa Director, and his team on one of these distribution trips. Katie got to see first-hand the people we are helping and the needs they face.  (more…)

Childcare Family steps up to help families in Baringo April 11, 2017

Over the past two months, we have been working hard to help families in Baringo, Kenya survive the extreme drought. We’re proud to report that you have all stepped up in a big way to make a difference!

These children happily clutch some of the gifts from their emergency food pak!

We’ve already done eight different food and water distributions throughout Baringo. By offering ongoing support, we’re helping 300 of the neediest families to survive! And more distributions are on the way! (more…)

The Power of a Critical Care Pak March 7, 2017

A young woman holds a large plastic bag full of food, surrounded by a little boy and an older woman holding a sleeping baby.

Roxana is so excited about this giant bag of food that will keep her family healthy!

Roxana lives in a shantytown on the outskirts of Lima, Peru. It’s a long, hot hike up to her little hut, and she complains about the dust that swirls constantly through the house and yard.

Growing up, Roxana dreamed of running her own small business, but instead she’s spent her life selflessly caring for others. (more…)

From the Field: Famine in Baringo March 3, 2017

The ground in Baringo, Kenya is all dried up and the children are suffering.

Just last year, when I visited Baringo, I had to drive through a stream to get there. I remember it vividly because they let ME drive the van – I had so much fun on my “off-roading” adventure! But when I visited a couple weeks ago there were no streams. The whole area was bone dry.

Baringo is entering their 4th year of drought, and the people are desperate for food and water. That’s why I was there this time: to deliver Emergency Food Paks to help families in need survive this famine.


CCW responds to food and other post-hurricane needs October 24, 2016

It has only been a few weeks since Hurricane Matthew struck Haiti, and yet for some, the memories must still be very vivid. Can you imagine what a poor mother felt as she watched this powerful storm tear through her home, washing away her few possessions and spoiling the small plot of land where she’d planted a few vegetables?


The fear and anguish deep within her as she clutched her children tight through the wind and rain, wondering how she would provide for them when the storm finally stopped raging?