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How a Life Center Ends Heartache June 28, 2017

Children in the developing world have so many needs it’s hard to know where to start. Food? Education? Clean water? Faith? Each of these things is a key to ending poverty for good, and we know children need them all. In order to treat all these needs at once, we built Life Centers.

Life Centers are the heart of Childcare Worldwide’s programs. Children in our programs meet at their Life Center weekly, building personal relationships with the staff and teachers there. This allows us learn exactly what each child’s needs are – and the needs are many! – and find appropriate ways to meet them. Instead of just a band aid, our Life Centers offer children in need real, holistic change.

Behind Esther’s sweet smile hides deep heartache.

These are children like little Esther, who had many needs and troubles. But through the Life Center, she found help in many different forms. (more…)

Life Centers around the World February 15, 2017

A group of Kenyan girls clapping and signing

Worship time in Kenya!

Here at Childcare Worldwide, everything we do is centered around the Gospel of Jesus. Which is why we get so excited about the transformations happening at our Life Centers around the world as kids meet Jesus!

In India….

A little boy named Aashish is – understandably – bitter at his father. Aashish’s mother died in an accident. Instead of being the rock Aashish needed through that difficult time, his father turned to alcohol and drank away his grief. During the worst days of Aashish’s life, the only parent he had left was drunk and neglecting him. And it filled little Aashish with bitterness. (more…)

Wondering about water August 17, 2016

For many countries such as Kenya and Uganda, finding clean water to drink can be a challenge. I don’t think I have ever gone to Africa without seeing the ubiquitous scene of a child crouching near a dirty stream or pond and cupping their hands to take a drink. These are children who risk contracting waterborne illnesses, but often have no other alternative.


The truth is, every 90 seconds a child dies from a water-related disease. Water catchment systems are helping to reduce that number and we are thrilled by the many supporters who have come alongside us to help build these systems! But what are some of the details about these systems?


Journey into truth March 1, 2016

Sulaina was used to telling lies. When her grandma Ruth would ask, “Sulaina, did you do your homework?” She would often reply that it was done, even though it wasn’t. What was the big deal? She was planning on doing it quickly before class the next day, so it wasn’t really a lie. It kept the peace and avoided conflict. What was the harm in that?

sulaina Naluguddo (1) copy

Unfortunately, it didn’t stop there. The more she was successful at getting away with her lies, the more she found herself doing it. It simply made life easier. But pretty soon, the lines between truth and fiction began to blur…


A lesson in love for Esther February 9, 2016

Esther’s husband died when their son Lawrence was very young, leaving her devastated and worried at the prospect of life without their breadwinner. She didn’t know how to read or write so her job opportunities were limited. Finally, she found work as a cook at a primary school while a neighbor watched the small boy.


While Esther was able to earn enough money to buy the most necessary things, she had one significant shortcoming. She did not really love little Lawrence and therefore, he grew up without any affection. He was not hungry, but his heart was hungry for the love of his mother which he never experienced.