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Prayer Update: Choir Visas March 19, 2018

How many of you have seen the Ugandan Kids Choir perform in person? If you’re one of the lucky ones, you know what a blessing they are! But today we need your prayer support to be sure the choir can continue to bless others!

A group of kids in brightly-colored traditional African costumes run towards the camera, smiling happily.


The Heart of Worship February 7, 2018

The Ugandan Kids Choir is a lot of things. They’re tiny ambassadors for kids in need. They’re big dreamers and sweet friends. They’re on a mission to spread laughter and joy. But at the end of the day, everything they do comes back to worship. A few weeks ago, we sat down with them to talk about worship. For them it’s not just something they do when they’re on stage. It’s what they do all the time!

A little girl sings into a microphone.


“It ends up being family” November 7, 2017

It’s hard to believe that the 15th Ugandan Kids Choir is wrapping up. It seems like just yesterday they stepped off the plane from Uganda. They’ve grown so much this year! And not just in height (although they’ve done plenty of that!) – they’ve grown academically, emotionally and spiritually too.

Ten kids in brightly colored shirts all piled onto a couch, sitting on the back, the arms, or even each other.

Wherever they go, this group of kids lights up the room.

As they wrap up their tour, we took some time to sit down with them – both the kids and the leaders – and reflect on how far they’ve come.


Our first question was easy. What is your favorite memory from tour?  (more…)

The Time of Your Life! October 12, 2017

If you’ve ever hosted the Ugandan Kids Choir, you know just how much fun it can be! Families all over the country constantly tell us about the joy they experience when they open their homes to the choir kids. And we’re never surprised. These kids are so full of light and laughter – how could they not light up your life?

Five people are gathered around a "Sorry!" board game, smiling and laughing. A man in the foreground is lying on his back, with just the upper half of his face showing as he tries to fit everyone into the frame.

Pastor Randy teaches the Ugandan Kids Choir to play the classic game of Sorry!


Room for One More in the Family July 5, 2017

Every host family is special, but there are some who go above and beyond – families like the Hogans who we met in Missouri. After hosting the Ugandan Kids Choir in their home, the Hogans decided they wanted to do even more. They wanted to sponsor a child!

The Hogan’s host children were thrilled! Finding new sponsors is their ultimate goal while touring the U.S.

Desire had no idea how special the Hogan family would be to her own family.


Auntie Michelle visits Uganda May 12, 2017

The bond a Tour Leader forms with their choir kids is special. They share countless hours on the bus, new experiences daily, the frustrations of close quarters and life on the road, and the joys of accomplishing their common goal of seeing more kids sponsored! For the kids, their “Auntie” becomes mom, teacher, friend and mentor all rolled into one. Saying goodbye at the end of tour is tough.  All of these reasons made Michelle Holstein’s trip to Uganda so exciting!

“Auntie Michelle” was a Tour Leader in 2016, and now she is getting ready to lead her next tour!

Michelle was a tour leader in 2016, and we are so excited that she is coming back to lead another tour starting soon. During her recent trip to Uganda, Michelle got to visit her former tour kids, as well as meet her new tour! And it sounds like it was an incredible experience for them all! (more…)

Princess for a day April 18, 2017

March 4th was a Saturday like any other on tour. Deborah woke up at her host home, and started thinking about the day ahead. It would be full of rehearsals, sound checks, and performances.  The choir was performing at the children’s museum in Las Vegas. Deborah got to ride the elevator there, and figured that would be the most exciting part of her day.

Happy Birthday Deborah!

What Deborah didn’t know is that Auntie Alexis (the tour leader) had pulled her host family aside the night before and whispered some very interesting information in their ears: March 4th was Deborah’s birthday! (more…)

Trying New Food March 1, 2017

When we asked Elizabeth what her favorite American foods were, she started talking and wouldn’t stop:

“Pizza! And pancakes. Whipped cream! Sausage. Apples. Oranges! Strawberries….”

The Choir kids have all sorts of new experiences in America. But one that stands out to them the most is food! Let’s take a look at some of the food they like, don’t like, and what they miss from back home.

Two girls smile, showing off the pizzas they made.

Build your own pizza at a host home in Utah!


The choir kids tell us what they are thankful for November 9, 2016

With Thanksgiving Day almost upon us, we thought it would fun to ask a few of our Ugandan choir kids what they are thankful for.


The children have a wonderful capacity to appreciate, in a fresh way, the basic blessings of life as well as thankfulness for new experiences. We think their answers will surprise you and also touch your heart.


Watch out! The choir kids have joined the bike lane! September 8, 2016

Riding a bike is one of the first tastes of freedom a kid can have. There’s something about the adult running alongside the child as they learn to get their balance and work the pedals… and then the inevitable letting go as they send them off down the street, and ultimately, out into the world. The child hears them yell, “Look straight ahead! Pedal faster! You can do it!” And then, after not much time, they are no longer wobbling down the street, and the voice of their parent becomes fainter and fainter. Some parents get a little weepy during these moments of launching their children. But for the kids, feeling the wind in their faces and the world flying by, it’s a discovery of fun and freedom that makes them smile with joy and new-found self-confidence.

To you and me, this may look like just a few bikes parked alongside a house. But to the choir kids, these bikes are a little bit of heaven on earth!

To you and me, this may look like just a few bikes parked alongside a house. But to the choir kids, these bikes are a little bit of heaven on earth!

For our choir kids, the experience of learning to ride a bike and the adventure that it brings is no less thrilling. Recently, we sat down with the kids and asked them to share their experience of learning to ride a bike and what their dream bike would look like. Their answers made us smile – we think you’ll enjoy them too!