Diana's Story

Transformed by the Word

If you’re like me, you probably have multiple copies of God’s Word in your house. You might have a big study Bible, a pocket New Testament, a family Bible with births and marriages recorded in the front, a kids Bible, and more. Not to mention all the versions available to you online.

But what if you didn’t have access to any Bibles? Can you imagine your Christian walk without the Word? That’s what life was like for Diana in Kenya. Even though Diana grew up in a Christian home, she never had a Bible of her own. And without consistent access to God’s Word, she never truly understood the Good News of Jesus.

Thankfully, Diana received a Bible of her own last year, thanks to a generous gift just like yours! As she started reading, Diana was amazed by the stories she found in her Bible. For the first time, the things she’d been hearing at church, started to become real to her. Reading the Bible for herself set her on a path of questions and curiosity, and just this last year, all those questions culminated in Diana giving her life to Jesus!

But the power of God’s Word doesn’t stop there. Since becoming a Christian, Diana has been reading her Bible even more. Most of the time, she reads it twice a day – she loves discovering new stories and
learning how God works.

As she reads, Diana is gaining a confidence she never had before. You see, Diana’s father abandoned her and her family. She never knew her father’s love. It’s hard for some of us to comprehend how devastating that must have been for her. Seeing other little girls whose fathers loved them and cared for them, she couldn’t help but wonder if there was something wrong with her that made her father leave. But when she became a Christian, Diana discovered the love of her heavenly Father! The knowledge that God made her intentionally, and loves her unconditionally fills a deep heartache Diana didn’t even know how to put into words. She no longer doubts her own value, finding her identity now as a child of God instead of the child whose father abandoned her. “I am the best because God made me in His own image and likeness,” she says proudly, “And I am sure that God is smiling because I received Christ as my personal savior.”

Hebrews 4:12 says “the Word of God is living and active, sharper than any two-edged sword.” In Diana’s story, we see the truth of that verse play out. Today, she is walking with God, and sharing her new-
found faith with her friends and family at every opportunity.

For just $16, you can give another child like Diana their own copy of God’s Word – it’s the most powerful gift you can give to transform a life!

Will you provide a Bible to a child in need?

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