Nayeli's Story

Can you make a difference? Just ask Nayeli!

At 14, Nayeli is wrestling with life’s big questions and finding her place in the world. And with the devastation of the pandemic in Peru, it hasn’t been easy. In the space of just one week, she lost three close family members to Covid.

Can you imagine? She was heartbroken, angry and terrified, all at once. 

But thanks to her Life Center, Nayeli had the tools she needed to navigate this difficult time. At her Life Center, Nayeli studied God’s Word and learned about Jesus’ unfailing love for her. When life got so complicated, she was able to lean on those lessons and take comfort in the knowledge that she would see her family again in heaven.

And even though they couldn’t meet in person, her Life Center continued to encourage her during this difficult time with prayers, gifts, and virtual check-ins. 

Today, when Nayeli shares her testimony she explains that “Jesus gave his life for us… I am grateful to Him because nobody does that for people, and He is the only one who shows His love for us, and saves us and gives us eternal life.”

Nayeli’s faith is thriving in spite of the hardships she’s been through, thanks to the discipleship and support she received at her Life Center. We can’t wait to see where God will lead her next!

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