New look, same heart.

For the past 40 years, Childcare Worldwide has been dedicated to serving children’s needs
around the globe, with the greatest of these needs being a personal introduction to Jesus
Christ. Our work has been primarily accomplished through physical provisions, education
sponsorships, and the spiritual development taking place at various Life Centers.

Though this has always been our goal, our focus now more than ever is to expose
children’s lives to the hope-filled gospel of Jesus Christ. In fact we believe in this focus
so strongly that it has driven a recent process for the rebrand of our organization, now
updated to more accurately reflect our mission, with Christ in the center.

We are proud to now introduce the new childcare worldwide branding, which serves
as a visual representation of our heart to serve children throughout their life journey.
Specific elements that allude to this are the journey (or road) constructed by the connection of the “C” and “W” as well as the cross in the center of it all where Jesus
becomes known to a child.

At Childcare Worldwide, we believe that once a child experiences the love of Christ, their
life will forever be changed. In light of this, our colors have also been refreshed to now
reflect trust, calm, and the peace of Christ which is our hope for every child on earth.

Blessings and gratitude,

Bill Nienhuis