Child sponsorship is so much more than your donations meeting the needs of vulnerable children. It certainly involves a financial transaction that directly and dramatically impacts children. Providing for their critical needs results in their holistic development, but ultimately, your sponsorship is a tool to prepare children to grow to their God-given potential and further impact their world for Christ.

Yet, there is another powerful dimension of child sponsorship that lies under the surface. The reality that there is someone in the world (who they haven’t even met) who is committed to THEM speaks volumes to each sponsored child. Over and over again, I have witnessed the love that a child feels, knowing they have a sponsor.


As you can imagine, they eagerly want to know about their sponsor. Just as we want to know more about our child, where they live and their experiences and relationships, the children also want to know about their sponsors.

They LOVE receiving letters, photos and postcards! They truly cherish them. Recently, Aisha showed me a letter from her sponsor that she had saved for six years! For Aisha, this letter is a token of hope, reminding her that she is loved and cared for by a kind family in America. She desires to know more about them and wants to know if they are okay because of Covid-19.

She, like, many of our kids, is concerned about her sponsors’ health during this pandemic. The news talks about so many cases and so many deaths in our country, and the kids get concerned about their sponsors.


Seeing the encouragement and joy each child can receive just from a letter, I’m compelled to ask: will you take a moment to write to your sponsored child? It will make their day!

It can be a challenge to know what to talk about in your letters. Don’t be discouraged – this is a common problem, and one we are happy to help with! Here’s some suggestions for an easy place to start!

  • Tell them how you pray for them and share ways that they can pray for you.
  • Encourage them in their faith.
  • Tell them about your family
  • Tell them about your community
  • Describe or show photos/postcards of nature in your area.
  • Share what it has been like to ‘shelter in place” due to Covid-19.

You can either handwrite a letter and send it to our office, or you can submit a letter online here.

If you are able to do so, please bless your child with a letter and some photos!

Childcare Worldwide is grateful to partner with generous people all over the world to help children in need. If you’re interested in sponsoring a child in need, click here.