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When Childcare Worldwide Became Maureen’s Family

Maureen remembers it vividly. She was about eight years old, standing outside her boarding school with her brother. The term had just ended, and she was waiting for her mom to come pick them up. One by one, the other children were all picked up, until eventually it was just Maureen and her brother left. But nobody came.    That was how she learned that her mother had passed away during the term. It had always been just the three of them - they knew of no other relatives, and had nowhere to go.   On that day, Childcare Worldwide became Maureen’s family. It was through sponsorship that Maureen was in school at all, and because of her sponsor's ongoing support, Maureen was able to survive and even thrive as she overcame the loss of her mother.  When nobody came for them that night, Childcare Worldwide ensured that both Maureen and her brother had a place to stay. Eventually they connected them with a foster family that helped them grow to adulthood. Childcare Worldwide continued to provide for her school fees, all the way through university! And best of all, our staff introduced Maureen to Jesus.  Today, Maureen explains that, “I am proudly born again - I love Jesus!” She is active in her local church, and volunteers with their youth charity that provides clothes and food for impoverished children in the area. She credits Childcare Worldwide for her heart of service as well. “This I learned from Childcare Worldwide,” she says. “Give what you have so it can benefit another in need.”

 With her sponsors providing so much for her, Maureen was inspired to make the most of the opportunity. She recently graduated with a degree in electrical engineering! While pursuing her studies, she’s been volunteering to put her new skills to use. She is helping to install solar panels in rural areas, bringing light to homes without electricity, and she is also tutoring other students.  With her degree in hand, and such excellent volunteer experience, she is looking forward to launching her career, and discovering how God will continue to use her to make a difference in the world.   Out of great loss, God has made amazing things possible in Maureen’s life, and we are so grateful to be a part of it!  

 ````````````  Childcare Worldwide is grateful to partner with generous people all over the world to help transform children’s lives. If you’re interested in helping young people like Maureen, consider sponsoring a child today.

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