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What Keeps You Inspired? (News from our Country Directors)

We recently asked our country directors to share what keeps them inspired. For each of them, it all comes down to seeing lives transformed by the power of the gospel. 


Daniel Livingston is the lead pastor at a church in Chennai, and also manages Childcare Worldwide’s India program. His heart is to be the hands and feet of Jesus for children in need. 

One of his greatest joys is seeing children in our programs commit their lives to Jesus - children like Vaishnavi. Her family were all staunchly Hindu, especially her father. But after attending Life Center, Vaishnavi discovered the love of Jesus. Her family was really struggling - they were so poor they couldn’t afford food, and Vaishnavi was extremely malnourished. Her mom was also desperately ill. At Life Center Vaishnavi found healthy meals and caring staff. When our staff began praying for her mom, she was miraculously healed, and both Vaishnavi and her mom decided to give their lives to Jesus. It took her father a bit longer, but seeing the constant compassion from the Life Center, and the difference in his wife and daughter, dad came to believe too! Seeing whole families transformed by Jesus’ love is exactly why Daniel is so committed to this ministry.


Lucas Leiro joined our leadership team mid-pandemic, and has taken on that challenge with passion and dedication. Lucas works closely with our church partners to ensure all 1,700 children we serve in Kenya are receiving individual attention and the best discipleship possible. He is looking forward to expanding our Kenyan ministry to serve even more children in the coming months.

Lucas is particularly excited by our opportunity to help older students grow in faith. Historically, we’ve been limited in how often we can connect with our trade school and college students since they are spread out over so many different locations. But technology (and lessons learned from the pandemic) are now allowing us to connect more frequently and more intentionally through Whatsapp and Google Meet. Seeing how these older students are following Jesus and wanting to give back to the CW community, Lucas knows just how special and important our programs are!


Margot has faithfully served Childcare Worldwide for decades! When she was in her early 20s, she left a secular, corporate position to work in ministry, and never looked back. She loves being able to share her faith on the job while supporting those in need.

Having served for so many years, Margot counts it a great privilege to see the transformation over time in kids’ lives. One person she remembers in particular is Jefferson. She first met him when he joined our program at just six years old. His mom raised him on her own, but could often barely afford to feed him. Through Childcare Worldwide, Jefferson had everything he needed to thrive. He graduated high school and was then accepted into a prestigious culinary school. Today, he is living his dream, and working as a chef. Best of all, he came to know Jesus and is active in his church. When Margot looks at Jefferson, she can still see the malnourished little boy he was when she first met him. She gives God all the glory for how he has grown - both physically and spiritually.

I:\2017 Peru\SPN Success - Jefferson\DSC_5149.JPG


Charles Ssentamu has a deep desire to serve vulnerable communities and help children thrive both spiritually and physically. He has led our Uganda team since 2018, and oversees our programs for 2,300 children. He is looking forward to seeing the program grow and helping more children experience the gospel of Jesus.

Stories like Maureen’s keep him inspired. She lost both her parents when she was young, and was surviving all on her own in a child-headed household (a situation that is all too common in the communities we serve). At Childcare Worldwide, she found food, water, education and all of her other physical needs. But she also found Jesus! Even though she grew up without parents, she was able to graduate high school and continue to college. She recently graduated with a degree in electrical engineering, and was hired by the university as a teaching assistant! She is now using her experience to provide hope and encouragement to other children, inspiring them to love the Lord, develop positive character and work hard for their future. Her success is what Charles dreams of seeing for all our Uganda kids.

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