All of us know that water is life. We cannot live without it, and if we do not drink enough, our bodies are quickly run down and consumed with finding more.

But how often do we forget to acknowledge how desperately we need our dose of Living Water every day, to truly live? If we ignore our thirst for too long, it begins to consume our lives, as we desperately search for something that will satisfy.

“’Whoever believes in me,’ as the Scripture says, ‘Out of his heart will flow rivers of living water.’” John 7:38

Did you know that when we believe in Jesus, the One who loves us, not only are we filled, we can actually pour out His Living Water to others?

But in the countries we serve, sometimes the constant, daily battle for physical water is such a strain that it chokes out the ability to connect with the One who gives His Living Water.

Maurice is an intelligent 12-year-old boy who loves science and taking care of animals. His dream is to become a veterinarian just like his uncle. But in the past, Maurice had little time for homework, and no time for his weekly Life Center. Every day he was forced to spend a mind-numbing six hours getting water from the only water source – a muddy, disease-ridden borehole. Not only was it the only place to find water for five different villages, it was always crowded with people and livestock. And on top of all of that, boreholes tend to be dangerously steep and slippery to draw water from. After the six hour trek to get water and haul it back, he brought the filthy water home for his family to drink, cook, and use for cleaning. Sickness from water is very common, and Maurice’s days were wasted away just surviving, his body and spirit always desperate for a drink of water.

When our amazing donors decided to band together to provide the local church with a water tank, instantly the lives of Maurice, his family, and the 573 other families in the area were profoundly changed. With one water tank, Maurice no longer has to spend hours every day collecting dirty water. Instead, he simply walks over to the nearby church and gathers clean water for his family. Not only are he and his family much, much healthier, but Maurice is finally able to fully enjoy his time learning about Jesus in his Life Center. And since the water tank is at the same church, he doesn’t even have to make an extra trip!

Now Maurice is finally getting the Living Water he so desperately needed along with the physical water his body craved. These days, Maurice spends his days in Bible study, caring for farm animals, and working hard on his schoolwork. Maurice is thriving.

The best part is, Maurice is watching his community also thrive like it never has before. As hundreds of people head to the church every day to collect clean water, they find the love and Living Water they have always longed for, in the warm, welcoming church community.

When you give clean water don’t forget that you are giving Living Water at the same time. We all need both to thrive. Thank you for joining us in changing the lives of hundreds of families with each gift given.