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Walking in Her Father’s Footsteps

Sarah’s life was good. She had a loving home. Her father had a good job, and was able to provide for her and her two siblings. She was in school. She ate well. All her needs were met.

But when both her parents tragically passed away, everything changed.

Sarah’s grandma took her and her siblings in, even though she didn’t really have the means to care for them. She did everything she could to ensure they were well taken care of, but times were very hard. Often they didn’t even have enough money to buy something for dinner.

For Sarah, access to education is so important. She remembers her father fondly, and refers to him as her role model. She dreams of being a business professional someday, just like he was. But to achieve that dream, she has to do well in school. But Sarah’s grandma could only sometimes afford the school fees - Sarah was in and out of school depending on the family’s finances… and it seemed her dreams were slipping further and further away. 

Thankfully, Sarah joined Childcare Worldwide, and was sponsored! From that moment, Sarah’s life took a turn for the better.

Because of her sponsors, Sarah no longer had to worry whether her school fees were paid, or how she would obtain the necessary uniforms and books. She got to enjoy healthy, nutritious meals with her friends at Life Center. She even got to enjoy fun gifts again for big events like Christmas and Easter.

But the best was yet to come.

When she joined Childcare Worldwide, Sarah started attending the Life Center at her local church where she learned all about Jesus and how much He loves her. For eight years, her Life Center teachers faithfully taught her and cared for her. They studied the Bible together and constantly reminded her that God loves her.

Last year, Sarah gave her life to the Lord!

Listen to Sarah tell her story in her own words:

Today, Sarah is not only walking in her earthly father’s footsteps, as she pursues her educational goals, she is also following her heavenly Father and choosing to live her life for Him. What a transformation! We can’t wait to see all that Sarah will accomplish as she grows to adulthood.

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Written by:
Caitlin Sakuma
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