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Unbearable Thirst

Bridget is 14 years old and has 3 little sisters. Her father abandoned them, but her mother works hard to take care of her family. They live in one small room, which they rent. Bridget is a wonderful help to her mother. She makes the hour-long trip to the open well for the family’s daily supply of water, and often takes care of baby Brenda so that mom can go to work. Her family attends the local church and Bridget loves being a part of the singing, dancing, and drama group there, while her mother serves as an usher. Life is difficult for Bridget’s family, but together, with God’s help, they have a life full of love for each other. Before the pandemic, things weren’t so bad. Bridget’s mother earned her small income by cooking and selling food along the side of the road for passersby. And with the help of her sponsor, Bridget was even sent to school, studying hard to realize her dream of becoming a doctor. But when Covid hit, Bridget’s mom was no longer able to sell food, and their only source of income failed. Suddenly, the constant struggle of securing clean drinking water became an unsustainable task. Now their daily hour-long trips to haul dirty water home, was made worse by the fact that they could no longer afford to buy enough coal to boil it before drinking. Sometimes, they would beg for a cup of boiled water from the neighbor, but when their thirst became unbearable, they had to drink the dirty water. Every time her children drank dirty water, Bridget’s mother was terrified that they would become ill again, or even die from the waterborne diseases. Thankfully, Bridget’s Life Center teachers heard about her family’s desperate struggle, and thanks to generous donors like you, Bridget and her family received their very own water filter. Imagine their relief. Now, no matter what financial struggles may come, Bridget’s family will always have clean drinking water! Bridget’s mom says, “I give God the glory for having received this amazing ceramic water filter. I will no more be stressed about how to get safe drinking water. I was always worried about my little daughter Brenda who drinks any water she finds. She will no more fall sick.” One water gift can change a whole family’s future. How many lives can you change today? --------- Childcare Worldwide is grateful to partner with generous people all over the world to help transform children’s lives. If you’re interested in helping solve the water crisis for families like Bridget's, give a clean water filter today!

Written by:
Tabitha Hesselgesser

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