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This simple gift creates new opportunities every month!

Every month, thousands of girls in developing countries are forced to make terrible decisions because they don’t have adequate period products. Stay home from school? Use unsanitary rags that they washed in a muddy stream and didn’t dry all the way overnight? Hope an uncomfy cast-off plastic bag works?

None of us want to see girls making those kinds of choices… it’s really no choice at all. That’s why donors like you stepped up to deliver packs of hygiene supplies to all the older girls in our programs!

By partnering with Childcare Worldwide, you are committing to removing the barriers children face, ensuring that they can thrive physically, academically, and spiritually. And that all starts with making sure they can attend their Life Center! Life Centers are weekly discipleship groups hosted at local churches - they provide children a space to meet with caring Christian mentors, and study God’s word together, while also enjoying a healthy meal, music, and fun games with their peers. 

Seeing girls regularly miss their Life Center meetings isn't an option, so we’re extremely grateful for the generous donors who are solving this problem!

We are currently in the process of delivering your hygiene packs to nearly 2,000 young women that will cover them for the rest of the year! Just look at the relief and joy on their faces, as they realize this need is taken care of!

Emily is one of the young ladies who received a hygiene pack. She explained to us that she used to feel so guilty every time she had to ask her parents to buy her period supplies. She knows how tight money is for their family. She knows how much they scrimp and save simply to afford food to eat. Sometimes it was easier to simply make do with rags or even just stay home from school than to ask for the products she needed. But now, that is no longer a concern!

For the sake of all our young ladies like Emily, thank you for making this possible! It’s gifts like yours to our Where Most Needed fund that allowed us to meet this need. And because of you, these girls now have so many opportunities available to them! They are pursuing their education, finding sweet fellowship with friends at their Life Centers, and dreaming of bright futures.


Did you know? Today, you have a great opportunity to impact twice as many kids like Emily. Thanks to a generous donor, we've now increased our matching grant from $30,000 to $45,000! Until July 31st you can still double your impact. Give today to help us take full advantage of this new challenge fund! Where Most Needed gifts allow us to intervene immediately with medical care, healthy meals, or whatever children need to thrive. Act now to DOUBLE your impact!

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