Sometimes our sponsored children and their families need more than just food, water, and education. Sometimes their living situation is so dangerous that, without a secure place to live, it is unlikely they will be able to break the cycle of poverty. In these extreme cases, our donors have stepped up and decided to build new homes for these children and their families.

13-year-old Emanuel and 17-year-old Yumi are a special family. Their mother died last year, and their father abandoned them. The brother and sister were suddenly destitute, homeless, and worst of all, alone. Their older half-sister took them in to live with her and her family. So, Yumi and Emanuel moved into a tiny room where they cooked, studied, and slept. The room was made of bits of old wood, plastic, and metal. It leaked when it rained and did little to protect them from the cold.

Yumi was doing her best to complete high school while taking care of her younger brother but living in a tiny room that felt like a strong wind could knock it down only added to their distress and anxiety.

Fortunately, all the way on the other side of the world was someone who cared a great deal about Emanuel – his sponsor. Every month his sponsor provided him with the means to pay for school, and even better, made sure he was able to participate in  weekly discipleship lessons through his Life Center. When his Life Center teacher heard about the great struggles Emanuel and his sister were having, she let our local staff know of their needs. And with the help of our donors, we were able to build Emanuel and his sister a brand-new house of their own!

The huge grins and looks of relief on their faces say it all as they cut the ribbon to enter their new, safe, warm home. Not only is it stocked up with all the essentials they need, like an indoor stove, a table and chairs, water, and electricity, but they even have their very own bedrooms with their very own beds!

Now as they start this new and hopeful chapter in their lives, Emmanuel and Yumi can worry less about surviving, and work hard at achieving their bright futures. We cannot express our thanks enough to every single person involved in giving these wonderful kids a home, and we cannot wait to start building another home for a family like theirs.



Childcare Worldwide is grateful to partner with generous people all over the world to help share the Gospel and provide holistic care for children in need. If you’re interested in helping build homes for vulnerable families like Emmanuel and Yumi’s, click here.