We’re pulling out all the stops to deliver Christmas Love Paks to our kids this year. There are no reindeer involved, but we are using trucks, boats, vans and more to bring the joy of Christmas to each child.

To stay COVID-safe we’re delivering Love Paks in many small groups instead of a few large parties. That means the logistics are more complicated. But in many ways it also means these deliveries are more rewarding than ever before! It has been a tough year for our kids all over the world. And the opportunity to remind each of them that Jesus loves and cares for them – that’s priceless.

We are excited to share that we are finishing up the delivery of thousands of Christmas Love Paks! I wish you could see the smiles on their faces as kids in Kenya, Uganda, India, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Peru unwrap their gifts!

15-year-old Fahad in Uganda is just one of many children who received a Love Pak. The gift he found inside was a huge blessing to him. You see, when Uganda first closed its schools due to coronavirus, Fahad – like all of us – assumed it would be a short closure. So he left his only blanket at his boarding school when he traveled home, assuming he’d be back in a few short weeks.

Months later, schools are still closed, and Fahad has been sleeping with nothing but a thin sheet for all this time. He’s been wearing all his clothes to bed to try to stay warm at night. Thankfully, his Love Pak contained the perfect gift. Imagine his delight when he opened up his Love Pak and found a brand new warm blanket inside!

We are seeing stories like Fahad’s repeated all over the world. It’s amazing to see how God works the details together to provide each child with the perfect gift!

Best of all, Love Paks are also having an eternal impact for our children. Every Love Pak has included a special Christmas devotional, focusing on what Jesus’ birth means for each child. And wherever we deliver Love Paks we’re also sharing a Gospel message to remind each child that Jesus loves them and cares for them.

As a result, we have seen at least 24 children give their lives to Jesus through Love Pak deliveries! And who knows how many more seeds have been planted. We can’t wait to see how God will work in their lives as they continue to grow closer to Him!

Between all the smiles that Love Pak gifts brought to children in need, and the lives eternally transformed through these special Christmas deliveries, this is definitely the most wonderful time of the year! Thank you to each of you who helped make our Love Pak deliveries a success this year!

Merry Christmas!

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