Over the last few weeks, we’ve been focusing on clean water projects and the difference we can make together. Today, I’m pleased to share that we’ve raised over $36,000 to help make sure kids have access to safe drinking water – and more gifts continue to come in every day.

We’re so grateful for this community, and the way you’ve rallied around this important cause. You are transforming so many lives and so many communities with your generosity. And the best part is, it’s working!

Recently, we installed a clean water tank at a church in Kenya, and it is so sweet to see the joy it brings to this community. Pastor Ben explained that their church is in a busy, urban area. Most of his congregation does not have access to running water. Instead, they make the choice between buying dirty water at exorbitant prices from a water vendor, or spending hours every day walking to fetch water from the nearest borehole – which is also contaminated. They had no good options… until gifts like yours helped install a clean water tank at the church!

Harnessing the power of rain water, this congregation can now fetch safe drinking water right from the church. Can you imagine what a big difference this makes in their day-to-day lives? Melissa is a 10 year old girl who attends Pastor Ben’s church, and is now benefitting from the new water tank. “I can’t even believe that the water tank is in our church compound! I have already fetched water here – it’s so close! Now I have water to use for cooking, drinking, and cleaning. I am very happy.”

But we don’t stop with water tanks. Your generosity also provides families with clean water filters, so they can purify even the dirtiest water – right in their own homes. 

Clean Water Filter - Joy Nganga

You can’t imagine the joy and amazement these water filters bring. For some of our kids, like 13-year-old Joy, they’ve never even seen a water filter. Once we showed her how it worked, and she saw her muddy brown water turning into clear, fresh water, she was so excited. To her, it seemed like a miracle. All her life, Joy has been plagued with bouts of diarrhea and other illness, all due to the dirty water she drinks. But thanks to this one simple gift, that is all changed! Now she is healthy and happy, drinking clean, safe water, whenever she needs.

None of this would be possible without the generous support of people like you. Thank you to everyone who is joining us to provide clean water for children in need!