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Big Hearts & Radical Blessings November 9, 2021

Big Hearts & Radical Blessings

No teenage boy should be worried about where his next meal will come from.

But at only 13-years-old, Juan David asks this question nearly every day. Juan David lives with his sister and single mother, who works tirelessly to provide for the family. However, she earns very little renting a motorcycle taxi, and often only has enough for food and some diapers for her granddaughter. But generous Childcare Worldwide supporters like you have helped Juan David by meeting his physical, educational, and spiritual needs.


Certain Hope in Uncertain Times October 21, 2021

Certain Hope in Uncertain Times

Each and every one of us has experienced some level of uncertainty and fear caused by the global pandemic. For families living in poverty, though, these unknowns from Covid can be devastating.