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Supporters We Love: Clean Water Investors

For Matt and Nancy, who are Childcare Worldwide supporters like you, investing in clean water projects is an easy win.    They first connected with CW as sponsors, directly impacting the life of a number of needy children around the world. Matt told us that they were impressed right from the start. They received photos and personal letters from their children and could easily see the difference they were making.  Over the years, Matt and Nancy have given very generously to support their sponsored kids and many of our other holistic needs programs. But then they started hearing about the water crisis, and God immediately put it on their hearts to do what they could to help. Matt told us how they were inspired to get involved:  

“Growing up and living in America has made that part of life [water access] very easy. I'm 65 and cannot remember ever being denied or having to work for access to clean potable water. Water is the foundation of life in human existence, followed closely by food. When we saw pictures and read the stories of how difficult it was (and is) for so many of the children and their families to get water of any kind, much less clean water, we were determined to use our resources to change that.

What inspires us is the teaching of Jesus. ‘When you have done it to one of the least of these you have done it to me.’ (Matthew 25:40) And being thirsty is one of the things He specifically mentioned. In fact, Childcare addresses most of the issues that Jesus mentioned in that teaching. That is a prime reason that we support Childcare Worldwide.”

Matt and Nancy provided the funding to support a clean water project at one of our partner churches in East Africa. Their investment built a rainwater catchment system that provided safe, reliable water access for hundreds of people in that community. Their gift also provided water filters to families and the church itself, ensuring that their water is safe to drink. Best of all, their support empowered the local church to witness more effectively to those around them, sharing the hope of Jesus, the Living Water.  After building that first tank, Matt and Nancy were so encouraged! They couldn’t wait to do more. Part of their ongoing commitment is due to the way Childcare Worldwide operates with integrity and demonstrates clear proof of how we’re handling their funds.

“Childcare has earned our trust by doing what you say you will do. I operate my own business, and that is my main operating principle. Do what you say you will do. And if you can't, it's important to tell people why you can't. There have been a few different times that Childcare has informed us when they were no longer able to do certain things concerning our supported children or programs. We respect that.

Childcare Worldwide fulfills our desires and expectations. The types of aid that you bring to children are both diverse and very important to their well being. We are able, through the letters and pictures of the children, to witness the benefits that the children are receiving. That's very important to us!”

We are so honored to partner with generous people like Matt and Nancy (and you!) to create change and share Jesus’ love with kids in need. Whether it’s life changing water projects for a whole community or individual support for a sponsored child, every gift makes a difference! Together, we are the hands and feet of Jesus, and we can’t wait to see how He will use us all to advance His kingdom!

We believe that every child deserves to have access to clean water. If you’re interested in making a difference like Matt and Nancy do, consider a clean water donation today. Just $10 provides the clean water a child in poverty needs to stay clean and healthy.

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