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Stomach Worms? No Thanks!

It’s World Health Day, and to celebrate we want to share this uplifting story about the difference simple health interventions can make in a child’s life!

Whitney is a 12 year old, living in Uganda. She dreams of being a nurse when she grows up - she loves the idea of helping people live healthier lives. But sadly, Whitney wasn’t on a path to achieve that goal. 

You see, Whitney’s family lives in poverty. Her mother essentially abandoned her at her grandma’s house when she was small, coming back to visit only occasionally. Grandma does her best to care of Whitney and the other grandkids, but as she ages it gets harder and harder to make ends meet. They survive on the vegetables she grows in their small garden. 

Whitney rarely wears shoes - she doesn’t have any that fit her. Instead, she runs barefoot through the roads and fields. And her family struggles with access to water. They have to carry all the water they use home from the local borehole, an open well that is little more than a muddy hole in the ground. As a result, Whitney rarely washes fruits and vegetables before eating them - she often can’t even wash her hands properly. 

Whitney also has a constant stomach ache.

She attends one of our Life Centers, a place where children meet weekly to learn about Jesus. Her teacher there became very concerned when Whitney was constantly weak, and complained how her tummy hurt. Her health was so poor, it was interfering both with her education and her ability to participate at Life Center.

Thankfully, there was a simple solution! Whitney’s Life Center teacher sent her to get checked at the local clinic, and through your support, her costs were covered. The clinic told her she had stomach worms, which are very common in rural Uganda. The parasites can enter your body through exposed skin, so barefoot children are especially at risk. Unwashed produce can also pose a risk. For children living in conditions like Whitney’s it’s almost impossible to prevent exposure.

But a simple deworming tablet, administered regularly, provides the cure!

Since taking the tablets, our staff can hardly believe the difference they see in Whitney. The pain in her stomach is gone. She is full of energy now, running around playing boisterous games with the other children. She’s excelling in school, and actively participating in her Life Center classes. Whitney is back on the path towards the future she’s always dreamed of, all because of this one simple, effective health intervention that YOU provided.

Maybe someday Nurse Whitney will be the one giving deworming tablets to another child in need!


Childcare Worldwide is grateful to partner with generous people like you to help transform children’s lives. If you’re interested in helping children like Whitney thrive, including providing medical support, please consider sponsoring a child. There’s no better way to transform their future!

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