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Sri Lanka Crisis - God is in Control

As you may have heard now in our mailings and on social media, Sri Lanka is in crisis. Will you join us in praying for our sponsored kids there and their families?

Sri Lanka is in the midst of economic collapse, and facing political unrest and violence as a result. People in Sri Lanka are increasingly desperate as they face food shortages, extended power cuts, and skyrocketing fuel prices. The inflation we’re experiencing here in the United States is nothing compared to Sri Lanka, where inflation rates rose to 60% in July.

Your regular support is vital to our team on the ground in Sri Lanka. They have been doing incredible work to ensure our kids’ safety and well-being during this time. They’ve been operating without power much of the time, which makes their work more challenging than ever, and limits our communication with them. But despite the challenges they’re making a real impact for our kids.

Thanks to generous gifts like yours, we recently delivered life-saving food packages to all of our sponsored children in Sri Lanka. Each package contained staples that are nearly impossible to find in grocery stores now, things like rice, dhal (lentils), eggs, noodles, soy meat, tea, flour, sugar, chickpeas and spices. These packages provided each family enough food for THREE MONTHS.

The effort involved in sourcing these food items from nearly bare shelves across the country, and transporting food packages with fuel prices through the roof was astronomical. Seeing how hard our team worked to make this happen, with all the resources available to them, it’s abundantly clear that our kids would never have had a chance. So many families in Sri Lanka are going without right now - they have no other options. But thanks to YOU our sponsored children have full bellies!

For children like Shulakshini, your gifts are making all the difference. Her mother stays home to look after Shulakshini and her three siblings, while her father works odd jobs to put food on the table. But with this crisis, her dad has been unable to find work at all. Without the support of gifts like yours, her entire family would be destitute. Never doubt that you are saving and transforming lives.

Please continue to pray for peace in Sri Lanka, and for economic relief. We know God has a plan for the country, and for each of the people who live there - we’re trusting Him to bring our kids through this crisis safely.

One of the best ways to help a family in need survive a crisis like the one Sri Lanka is experiencing is child sponsorship. Sponsor a child today for just $40 per month. Your gift will provide access to education as well meet their holistic needs, like food, water, shelter and medical care. Best of all, your support will introduce them to the hope of Jesus! Sponsor a child today to transform their life!

Written by:
Caitlin Sakuma

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