Do you have a favorite t-shirt? Does it happen to say “He is Risen” on it? If it does, you now match with thousands of kids in Childcare Worldwide’s programs. Ever since our Easter celebrations with them, they’ve been sporting their new t-shirts, a great visual representation of the lasting impact Christ’s resurrection has for each child.

As they gathered to celebrate Easter, the kids at each Life Center didn’t know what to expect. When they saw the gifts we’d prepared for them, they were so excited! We’ve never given Easter gifts before, so it was a big surprise. And with many families still struggling to recover from the pandemic, the food included for their families was a very welcome gift. Nayeli in Peru told us, “I was very happy and grateful when I saw the package of rice – since my mother doesn’t work, we didn’t have enough to eat.” 10-year-old Gift in Uganda was also excited about the rice because she is in a similar situation. She told us that now her family would be able to share a special, celebratory meal on Easter!

A bag of rice might not seem like much, but after this very difficult year, each one brought so much joy to families in need. The excitement over rice can’t quite match the excitement the kids had about their new t-shirts, though. They loved them!

In Peru, 10-year-old Dafne told us “when I received the blue t-shirt I was very happy because it is my favorite color and because it says Jesus lives! He is risen!! And that reminds me that Jesus is always with me and has never and will never abandon me.” In Uganda and Kenya, the kids were proudly wearing their new shirts everywhere they went. In one area, the kids even chose to wear them to a community funeral, providing a comforting reminder of the hope we have in Jesus’ resurrection to those in mourning.


But I’ve saved the best for last. Along with the rice and the t-shirts we also included a special Easter devotional that had a big impact on the kids. “I really loved the handout I got,” explained 13-year-old Dorcas in Uganda. “All the scriptures on it are so good. Isaiah 53:5-6 encouraged me so much, because He took my punishment and made me whole. Oh how beautiful!” The handouts helped each child understand the truth behind the words on their t-shirts: He is risen indeed! Between these devotionals and the Easter messages shared by their pastors and Life Center teachers when we delivered the gifts, 39 children committed their lives to Christ!

We are so excited to see these new Christians grow in their faith in coming months, under the guidance and discipleship of their Life Center teachers.

With so much joy and growth shared by all this Easter, we can hardly wait for next year. Thank you to all our sponsors and donors for their ongoing commitment to sharing the Gospel and meeting kids’ needs, and especially for making these celebrations possible!