Here we are into November already, and I cannot believe how quickly this year has flown by. Fall is my favorite season. It’s a time of thanksgiving, leaves blowing through the trees, hot apple cider, and best of all, it’s Love Pak time! Our staff around the world has already been working tirelessly to make this Christmas a year the kids will always remember. And as we partner with our donors, we can’t wait to see their little faces alight with Christmas joy.

I love to look back at the wonderful way these simple gifts of toys, treats, and practical items, can impact a child’s heart and change their lives forever. Every year at this time, we hear so many wonderful stories of how our kids learn about the true wonder of Christmas!

I’d like to share with you about a child named Justin.

Justine Kiprotich 2Justin went to his Love Pak party full of nervous excitement. He had never been to a special party like this before, and wasn’t sure what to expect. There, Justin got to play special games, eat cake – which he was VERY excited about – open his amazing Love Pak gift, and hear the true story of Jesus’ birth!

But, his favorite part was participating in the Christmas play. If you’re like me, you’ve been in at least one Christmas skit as a kid. There is nothing quite like the excitement of dressing up in a costume and acting out the greatest true story ever told.

Justin says, “ I acted as the donkey that carried luggage for Joseph and Mary as they headed to Bethlehem. Being a donkey was very funny because I had a mask on my face and luggage on my back.”

I can almost hear the joyous laughter as he prances around with Mary and Joseph.

Justin was absolutely delighted by his Love Pak. His favorite thing was his new backpack to carry his things in, and the special treats that he got to share with his brothers at home!

This year, as I fill out the special note to send with my Love Pak, to bless a child in need, I imagine the sparkle in their eyes, their delight and laughter, and the joy of learning about baby Jesus. I hope whoever receives my Love Pak will be able to explain the real meaning of Christmas as well as Justin now can. Justin says that Christmas is “when Jesus was born! It is such a special season.” And he goes on to explain that the story of Jesus’ birth, “… shows that God is caring and protective.”

If you would like to learn more about Love Paks and their impact, check out this special video from one of last year’s Love Pak parties.

This year the parties will be a little different due to COVID, but we are working hard to connect with each child to share the love of Jesus and His story, as we distribute the special gifts and messages that our loving donors are sending to them.

I am already looking forward to the stories of kid’s lives and of the hearts that are changed as they experience Christmas joy, and learn more about the love of Jesus. Share the love of Jesus and give a Love Pak today.